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Ford Focus Interior Light

17 May 2014 - 06:46 PM

hi guys


ok so today I was changing the bulb in the light on the inside of my car and I was uncliiping the clips around the plastic bit with a small screw driver and may have forced it a little too much and broke on clip the frame that the plastic cover clips onto and now the plastic bit wont stay in place and keeps falling out. I have just googled replacement frames but cannot find any that will post to my area any suggestions on what to do??


My Ford Focus Mk2.5 2009

17 May 2014 - 11:18 AM

Hi guys


first of all I want to say thanks for viewing the topic.

I am new to the site and i've been having a small scope around the topic and seen some awesome cars and gave me some good ideas.

anyway I recently purchased a 2009 mk2.5 ford focus hatchback and I am mad to start customising and modifying it, however I am currently a student and the funds are a tad low at the minute it will be a month or two before I start looking at alloys bumpers etc etc...

what Im looking for now is cheap yet very affective ways of modifying my car and was hoping you guys could give me some ideas on what to do and were to start.


all i've managed to do to it so far is window tints and I have the proper hdi light kit ready just not installed yet

here's some pics of the car.

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any ideas or criticism welcome :) :P