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17 July 2014 - 08:54 PM

It was a complete b@rst@rd to get off, had to drill out the spot welds and undo all of the bolts so that you can physically rip/peel the wing away to reveal that below and behind the headlight it is also spot welded so had to hammer and chisel that away, also under the car it is spot welded too.


I put the new wing on using number 8 spire clips and bolts, went back on easily enough, but the wheel has to come off, inside wheel arch protection has to come out and the windscreen wash bottle needs unbolting and moving so that you can get to the two bolts behind the screenwash bottle.


Good luck buddy lol....

In Topic: Restoration Project

11 July 2014 - 05:43 PM

Got the new door and wing fitted on Wednesday, me and my little brother had a crack at it over at my Dad's yard where he customizes and repairs motorbikes and trikes....


The wing and door are a great colour match with the front bumper, bonnet etc but can see the difference on the rear quarter...


Hopefully once the side skirts are on at the end of the month the paint job will even it out, my Dads mate who paints the bikes and trikes said he will do it for me too, costs haven't been discussed though :S


New Door and Wing


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06 July 2014 - 10:00 AM

Wow that's a long move from home!!!


Got introduced to a fella last night that specialises in Fiesta Zetec-S's and he is gonna have a look at my looky-likey Fiesta electrical problems in a couple of weeks time.


He reckons the dash probs could be a loose earth connection but he will go over the car and look for any problems, my mate noticed that i am missing a water deflector under the bonnet as well so need to pick one of them up too...


And very kindly the Fiesta bloke is gonna give me a set of side-skirts and fit them for me for nothing too, not that they take much fitting, but jolly well nice of him all the same :)

In Topic: Restoration Project

05 July 2014 - 11:22 AM

However the paint job on the other hand, if it saves over £1000 then i would let a toddler with a crayon recolour my car :)

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05 July 2014 - 09:44 AM

Haha, the boss has been a good friend for several years, he has always looked out for me :)


It's ok having an attractive looking network of friends knowing friends who have friends that will do the job on the cheap from the goodness of their hearts but i still have to look at it honestly/sensibly and say can i trust their work? can they guarantee their work? Have i seen an example of their work? 


Like my brakes for example, my friends started contacting me saying don't pay for it to be done, it's only two bolts blah blah blah...


I would never trust any of my mates with a job like brakes as simple a job as it is, my life and the life of others depends on it, especially the way i drive lol