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Restoration Project - Part 1

25 May 2014 - 07:42 AM

Restoration Project - Part 1


Return of the Light



1, Interior Lights/Dash:         


Before that caravan incident my car used to have a blue LED interior reading light in the

roof and my dash would all light up neon blue as well, however now I have no
speedo etc at night and I have been riding my luck with it for too long.

Now when I hit a bump in the road my dash will suddenly light up a bright blue
and then flicker and disappear again, the first thing screamed at me across the
room when I mention it is “Fuses”!!! They have all been checked and are sound
as a pound. Second thing screamed at me is “Loose Connection”…..? Possibly but
can I really be bothered to pull out the dash, I am sure it’s not as bad a job
as I imagine, but if I imagine it to be bad then I am not normally too far from
the reality of it.

However, I read somewhere that the licence plate bulbs are on the same wiring
loom/fuse as the dash and interior lights, makes perfect sense as you only need
the lights on in the dark right, this got me thinking that one of the licence
plate bulb holders may have moved slightly during the impact with my bumper, if
this is the case it could be touching metal and shorting the interior lights and therefore

would explain why my car lights up like an Xmas tree every time I hit a hedgehog or pot hole in
the road.


This is where the restoration project begins this afternoon, I have a friend who likes
to live with a screwdriver in one hand and a soldering iron in the other,
wiring, lights, and general tinkering will brighten his bank holiday weekend
and with a bit of luck brighten the inside of my motor too.


Here’s hoping it’s a licence plate bulb holder….


Note: No Hedgehogs have actually been harmed during my tenure as a driver.


Still to come from the Restoration Project


2, Door Locks and Handles

3, Driver Door

4, Rear Bumper

5, Side Skirts

6, Alloy Refurbishment

7, Nearside Front Wing

8, Rust Removal

9, Paint Job

Restoration Project

20 May 2014 - 08:23 PM

Hi All


18 months ago my mk5 Fiesta was close to being written off by an uninsured plumber towing a caravan, to make matters worse it's my first car and i had only had it two weeks to the day.


However at 31 years old with a shrewd old head I got every penny of my money back on the car that i had paid for it from the uninsured driver and my plan was just to save up, move on and get a different car but i have fallen in love with the little motor and cant bare to part with it...


The previous owner looked after the little fella, serviced regularly, kept it smart and added a hell of a lot of sporty mods on the way, i think it's high time that i restored the car and get rid of all the dents, cracks, scratches and scars from the infamous caravan incident.


For this restoration i am going to need a little help and a point in the right direction for a few things.


I hope you guys can help :)


(Keep your eyes out for the numbered topics for problems that i need to fix / get fixed)






20 May 2014 - 07:54 PM

Hi All


Happy to be here so far, looking forward to finding interesting facts and solving some problems along the way :)