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In Topic: Cruise Control ?

28 September 2014 - 04:42 AM

I have a new Tit X automatic and although too soon to get truly meaningful mpg figures (@600 miles) my mpg to date is 45.
80% of the mileage has been on long runs with motorway or dual carriageway for at least 50% of the journey.

- Using cc set between 60 and 70 improves mpg dramatically (as shown by on board display) when travelling on flat or downhill (not lower than 60) but plummets to 23-25 when going uphill. Overall cc improves mpg on the automatic as well as being more relaxing.

- I agree that engine braking seems less on a 3 pot motor. When going down a steep hill I first change into S mode to keep the gears lower and engine revving higher. As my speed increases due to gravity I manually change down even further giving me some engine braking though not as much as with a 4 cylinder manual gearbox. I often find that I need a dab on the brakes half way down if I have to comply with a 30mph limit.

In Topic: Parking Brake Handbook Instructions

16 September 2014 - 10:09 PM

Thanks for all of your replies. The advice in the handbook is quite explicit for both manuals and automatics.
It makes me cringe when I hear the ratchet objecting to such treatment and am pleased that I am in good company.

I was forced to go automatic and am finding the automatic gearbox very responsive and easy to use. The first couple of days were exciting before I realised that one has to press the footbrake every time you take the car out of Park and not only for starting the car. I have used the cruise control and will start using the Sport and manual modes shortly. Not having to use my left foot on a clutch pedal has enabled me to enjoy driving again.

The front and reverse parking aids are very useful. I found the satnav a little quirky when inputting new destinations but it seems to work ok. My last TomTom described unrecognised roads as "unidentifiable" whereas the Ford offering calls them"invisible".

In Topic: First Wash Today And

12 September 2014 - 10:42 PM

You can also purchase from Halfords.

In Topic: Waterless Coolant

24 August 2014 - 09:46 AM

Thanks for that.
I saw the same Wheeler Dealer programme. You would think that if half the claims were true that car manufacturers would all be adopting it.
I will certainly consider using it when the antifreeze has to be replaced.

In Topic: Probably Crazy But...

14 August 2014 - 10:19 PM

The quotes that I got from carwow from the dealers showed figures with and without Ford finance. I had not planned using finance but did so on £4000 in order to secure a Ford deposit contribution of £750. I intend paying this off within 3 months to mitigate any interest charges. I don`t know about free style pack but you could ask carwow about this or the dealer that you are put in touch with.