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Driving A Friend's Vehicle Using My Insurance

24 January 2015 - 11:12 PM

I have a fully comp policy which allows me to drive any other vehicle not owned by myself. This cover is restricted to 3rd party liability. One must also have the permission of the owner.
I assume that such a vehicle must be taxed and a MOT held if appropriate since this is a legal requirement. My question is whether the vehicle also needs to be desperately insured or is my own cover sufficient. I have had conflicting advice and would be grateful for some authoritative answer.

Tyre Pressure Warning Etc

18 November 2014 - 10:54 PM

My Tit X Powershift has done just 1400 miles. Whilst on the Motorway the tyre pressure warning light came on. As there was no obvious tyre deflation problem I came off at the services. The tyre pressures seemed ok so I reset the tyre pressure system and got rid of the warning indicator. However when I drove off the lights came on (spotlight) even though I was in bright sunlight. I tried switching the lights off and on but still the spotlight function did not appear to be functioning properly. I got to my destination but when I returned it was too dark to test the autolight function but will try it tomorrow morning.

Has anyone else had a spurious tyre pressure warning followed by funniest on the autolights? Should I ignore as a (hopefully) 1 off hiccup unless it recovers?

Grateful for advice.

Driving An Automatic

02 October 2014 - 07:39 PM

I have had my Tit X Powershift for almost a month.  I last drove an automatic more than a decade ago in the USA.  I have bee forced to change from manual to auto transmission as I do not have sufficient sensitivity in my feet to assure a smooth ride when using a clutch.  I find that the feel for the brakes and accelerator are easier to manage as engine noise and sensation of movement combine and foot sensation is not so important. 


I spent the first 7-10 days using only Drive mode which was reasonable for 95% of my journeys.  The only bad aspect was the lack of engine braking when coming off the accelerator requiring more use of the brakes than I was comfortable with.


After thie first week I then used Sport mode which was excellent on roads where speed was between 30 and 40 mph.  The car did not change gears as frequently or hunt (up/down gears at steady 32mph).  Whilst Sport mode was better at engine braking it was not good enough to prevent additional braking being required. 


When descending a particularly long hill in my area I use manual mode dropping to 2nd gear on the approach which is usually enough to take me down at a steady 30mph.  I also have the flexibility of dropping down to 1st if the speed increases.   At the bottom of the hill one cannot switch direct into Sport mode so I slip it into Drive.-


On dual carriageways and the motorway I have been using the cruise control (never tried cc before). After selecting an appropriate speed if I find myself encroaching on vehicles in front I press the CANcel button, allow the car to drop back for a safe distance then use the SET button to keep that speed.  At fgirst I used the RESume but this can sometimes kick in when the saved speed is not required.  The cc is particularly good for mph and for keeping to 50mph limits.


I have read the debates on whether you should have the transmission in Drive, Neutral or Park when stationary.   My practice is as follows:-

  • I would only use Park and handbrake in situations where I would also be considering switching the engine off.
  • If I anticipate that I am I will be < 1minute then I would leave it in drive and apply the handbrake.  I consider it discourteous to use stop lights to following motorists.
  • If delay is > 1minute I then I place transmission in Neutral and apply the handbrake


I would be interested in the experiences of other members of the 2 pedal brigade whilst I am still a relative novice.    I am enjoying the new driving experience and getting to grips with some of the new toys (radio and satnav).

Keyless Entry - A Matter Of Trust

30 September 2014 - 11:14 PM

I have had my Titanium X auto for only 3 weeks and new to Fiestas. I contacted the Dealer regarding the apparent inconsistent behaviour of the tailgate when locking the car as I initially thought there was a fault. They told me that there was no fault and explained the behaviour as follows:-

When the car is locked (whether by the remote or keyless entry) both doors and tailgate are locked. Provided you do not press the door button you can verify that all the doors are locked by trying the door handles. However, if you have your key in your pocket the tailgate can be opened. If you place the key away from the car the tailgate is then found to be locked.

I have verified that the tailgate locking works as described though it is a little inconvenient if you simply want to double check that your shopping is secure. One has to check that the indicators flash twice on locking and accept on trust that the tailgate is also secure.