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Parking Brake Handbook Instructions

15 September 2014 - 09:58 PM

In the Owners handbook supplied with my 7 day old Titanium X automatic it has the following directive for the parking brake:-
"Do not press the release button while pulling the lever up."
This ensures that the irritating noise of the ratchet has to be endured which is usually associated with a novice driver.
Has anyone any idea why this is in the handbook? Can it do any harm if the button is depressed? In 50 years of driving different vehicles I have never ratcheted the parking brake.

Waterless Coolant

23 August 2014 - 04:38 AM

I am considering using a waterless coolant manufactured by Evans in my new Fiesta. The coolant is not corrosive, freezes around -40°C, has a boiling point of 180°C and does not need changing.
With this coolant one could remove the hot radiator cap without fear of an explosive face full of steam. The reduced pressure in the system would prevent the instance of burst hoses and failed clips. It is also claimed that the coolant results in less use of the engine fan thus reducing mpg up to 10° and contributing to a smoother performance.
I would be interested to know whether anyone has personal experience of the product. It is considerably more expensive than antifreeze (c. £95) but would seem to be cost effective if the claims are to be believed. I also am concerned as to whether the use of such a coolant has warranty implications.