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Fiesta Dab Annoyance

17 July 2014 - 11:00 AM

Hi All,


I have become increasingly irritated with my 12-plate Fiesta Sony DAB radio, which helpfully decides at random but frequent intervals that the signal it is receiving could be improved, so goes looking for a better signal. So for up to 20 seconds, until it either finds a better signal or gives up (never know which, of course) I am left with no sound at all. It does not seem to be losing the station, just trying to find a stronger signal. Not a huge problem during music, but really infuriating when listening to radio play, news, panel shows etc etc.


Question is simple - how do I switch this behaviour off? My previous Focus (with factory DAB, not sure what make) did not do this, and was an excellent system. Have played with the various options from the Menu but no change.


Any advice very welcome! Thanks...