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Ford KA for sale

01 January 2010 - 07:52 PM

I am selling my Ford Ka, I love her to bits but I have just inhirthed a newish (2008) Fiesta.
This is my first car so it's hard for me to get rid as you can imagine, but I want a quick sale to help me pay towards the insurance.

Here are the details:

4 seats
Three Door Hatchback
Milage - 60,179

Tax - 31/03/2010
MOT - Due Feb 2010

It has a private plate on which was on it when I bought it. It has a different look to other KA's as you will see from the photos.... the side skirts, back bumper and spolier were added on by the previous owner and a respray was carried out.

It's a great runner and a good car to drive, perfect for a newbie driver like me

The bad parts:

Drivers door had an attempted break in under the previous owner, slight scratch going down the door.
Drivers window is quite hard to wind down but it does go down with elbow greese! (I'm a bit of a whimp lol)
Have had trouble with the battery in the past, but with the new one I got I havent had any problems as long as I give it a run every day.

Looking for 900 ono

PM me if your interested

Thanks a lot, look forward to hearing from you x

Fuses - diagram

08 October 2009 - 04:39 PM

Does anyone know or have the diagram for the fuse positions?
Looked on the back of the cover and the diagram isnt there :(
I have a 1998 'R' reg Ford Ka.

My window wipers didnt work and I changed the fuse, problem sorted but now all my lights apart from the indicators and side lights wont work. I have a feeling I put the fuses in the wrong places...

Any help would be apprichated!

Beth x

One thing after the other... *tut*

06 July 2009 - 10:06 PM

My car was working fine last week... I loved it so much haha.

This morning I went to go in it:

My tire was flat... had a nail in it... looks like it's been tampered with :angry:
2 new tires = 66

My indicator on my right side started going so fast. Pulled over to check the problem... the connector holding the bulb had snapped off and every time I go over a speed bumb or something it flys out so when I indicate right it flickers so fast at the back and doesnt show at the front.

Opened my boot and this plastic bit covering the wires flew off...

Then to make matters worse it chucked it down. Put on my heater to stop the windows from steaming and oh the heaters dont work.

All in one day, what are the chances hey?


Looks like it will be in the garage the next few days. Not huge problems I know but little things like this all add up and annoy me.

Keying cars!

06 July 2009 - 09:58 PM

Why do people do this? <_<

I have an 1997 FORD KA FFS. It's bright red with a body kit on. It's pretty !Removed! so why would someone key it?
Got a massive one on the side of my car now and side of my door.
It's so frustrating.... Really hurts your feelings too as that car is my little baby :(


What cars do you hope to have?

22 April 2009 - 04:34 PM

I was just wondering what cars you would like in your lifetime...

Here is mine:

Current - Ford KA

Posted Image


Ford Fiesta

Posted Image

Honda Civic Type R

Posted Image

Golf GTI

Posted Image

Ford Mustang

Posted Image

Ford GT

Posted Image

Audi R8

Posted Image

It's nice to dream :)