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28 April 2009 - 08:23 AM

never heard of an ras2006, but if its an rds2006 you switch the unit on untill 'code' is displayed and then press buton 1 repetedley untill the first desired number is reached, and so on with buttons 2,3 and 4. and then press button 5 to enter the code into the unit. your code for that seriel number is - 0209.

Thank you very much Mintalkin. I have passed this on to my Dad and will let you know how he gets on. Very much appreciated.

I would also like to apologise. My friend has chastised me for not following the correct protocol for these forums and not introducing myself - just charging in with a question. I can only put this down to being new to all of this and I certainly didn't mean to be rude. I think it's great that these forums exist and how you all help each other out.

Many many thanks