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Happy Birthday beatty36!
Apr 21 2015 07:17 AM

Fast Fiestabeatty36

Im looking into lowering my car, i notice you have had 50mm lowering springs and now coilovers, i would really appreciate if you could explain you opinion and positives and negatives of both.
im thinking of buying the 50mm lowering springs... did you have any problems with the shocks or mechanichal problems??
Did you buy the coilovers just for the adjustablity or are the lowering spri...
Jan 10 2012 01:04 AM


Hiya mate, nah no stoffler diffuser as yet, money is a bit tight at the minute with christmas coming up. Visual wise I highly recommend lowering, you get noticed quite a lot, handling increases a lot as well. How were you thinking of lowering? springs or coilovers?
Nov 13 2010 08:52 PM


hi mate,
u got your stoffler diffuser done yet?
i was thinking about lowering my fiesta,
what about bumps and so on?
Oct 28 2010 10:22 PM


Hi, I will take the samco induction hose after all, can you pm me your paypal details
Jun 22 2010 05:26 PM


not a bother mate, ill be sure to do that as soon as they arrive, then they should be on the car within the next 3 days or so after they do arrive
May 17 2010 05:54 PM


lol thought so. yeah, well i'll have to double check the cost of postage cus if its going to be deer i wont be able to, but we'll work something out for ya ;). Ill give you a wee buzz when their out of the car mate.
May 16 2010 01:20 PM


As soon as the coilovers arrive, it should hopefully be this week, i've been waiting for two already. I live in Northern Ireland.
May 15 2010 04:11 PM


Looking £100 for them mate, thats with delivery if ya need it, if not ill knock a few pound off. There in really good nick, haven't been in the car long. Check out the for sale section for pics of them ;)
May 13 2010 05:30 PM


ye real interested mate. how much wud u except. id come collect straight away.
May 12 2010 04:49 PM