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In Topic: 1.4 Tdci 1500-2000 Rpm... Wobble?

09 January 2011 - 12:10 PM

Yeah I did wonder about the EGR, it seemed about right symptoms wise. Wish I could disable the thing actually, it's just a stupid waste of time engine killer!

I have to confess I've ran the car on some very cheap supermarket diesel more than a few times when I've been in a rush early in the morning (which I guess would be soon after delivery), the fuel filter possibility is worth looking into. I guess even though I've only done a few miles in the grand scheme of things, it'd only take one batch of crap diesel (which could happen at any time) to cause a blockage.

As for the procedure on checking / changing the filter - do you really need to take most of the front end apart!? That's insane! Any details on this procedure online anywhere and I could have a shufty at it myself?

Also, 60 for a piece of mesh and gauze is taking the p!ss bigtime! Ugh.

Many thanks for the reply matey, that helps me out a lot!


In Topic: Tyre Conversion

01 July 2010 - 09:44 PM

The Titanium's ride quality on poor surfaces was discussed in this thread a while back but this is the first I've read of anyone actually doing something about it. Very interesting TurboZutek! I suppose you told your insurance company? What was their reaction?

Yeah I checked with my insurance company before I had the rubber swapped - as long as it's no more than two profiles up and I'm not changing the physical alloy wheel itself, they don't give a monkey's; which is handy as if it had changed my renewal any I might not have bothered. If you're concerned of course, I'd recommend you double check with your insurance provider before changing, each has their own set of rules.


In Topic: Tyre Conversion

01 July 2010 - 03:29 PM

Aww, look at the cute wee brake disk in the middle, totally lost in the sea of alloy! :)

In Topic: Tyre Conversion

26 June 2010 - 05:47 PM

have to agree, the ride is quite shocking on the titanium. will deffernatly think about going up a tyre size when there due if it helps. the Hankook specials arn't much cop either, what make where the 195/55 you got?

The new ones are NANKANG XR611's (Online Review) which cost £180 for 4 wheels fully installed. As always, could have gone cheaper, could have gone dearer, but based on reviews these tyres hit a good value point for me. As you say, the factory tyres didn't impress me much and I was very close to needing to replace all four anyway, especially as the TDCi can have an appetite for front tyres when driven, eh, non-conservatively! :lol:

The tyre fitter for a little extra could have also sorted me out with 195/50's, which would maybe be a good compromise between keeping the low profile look and adding a little extra comfort I guess.


In Topic: Tyre Conversion

26 June 2010 - 04:43 PM

"crashing overly harsh ride quality"


I dont doubt your claims regarding the ride but I do think you're going a bit over the top.

Not really, you'd need to see the roads we have around here to understand though (both the phrases above relate directly to the road quality, as mentioned in my first paragraph). My local council doesn't have £1 to put in the leccy meter, let alone the money required to make a decent job of the roads I'm afraid, especially as my town houses a trucking company and a ton of bus routes which make a right mess. :-(

As a result the tyre fitter I use gets a lot of work repairing alloys.

Also, to clarify I wouldn't say it was a 'soft ride' now either - it still feels very taught while being a little less dramatic on the rough stuff and a 1cm gain doesn't really put us in 'big tyres' territory.

Not like this anyways:

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