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#249779 Guide To Fixing Common Focus Bonnet Lock Problem.

Posted by RAB2000 on 06 April 2013 - 03:22 PM

A further update.  I have found some more information and the bonnet lock system on my FF Mk2 is the LHD kit.  Quite why it was fitted is a mystery, I have only owned the car since 2009 and it's a March 2005 car.


Anyway, if anyone does have the LHD kit on their car then like the RHD kit you should be able to purchase the whole kit, like this:




However, it's only the plastic connector that was needed.  This maybe available from Ford but by good fortune I found a seller on Ebay selling them at £4 + £1 P&P so I bought two and it works.  I don't know if the Ebay one is genuine or not but doesn't really matter.


The company selling these on Ebay is Locoser Limited (email nonstopauto@hotmail.com)