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In Topic: Newbie questions!

04 January 2010 - 04:28 PM

Hi Mark and welcome :)

I owned a 2003 Mk6 1.4 Duratec (which is the Zetec engine rebadged ;))(then to confuse things, Ford started branding their cars as Zetec too lol), did over 36K in it in 3 years

Never really impressed by the fuel economy on that engine, although other might disagree with me.

Nothing major went wrong - it had a new driver's electric window winder regulator and a new rear window when one of the elements in the heated screen packed in - both common faults i believe.

Oh and it had a change of head unit when it tried to swallow one of my CDs, also a common fault on early models i think

Good luck


I get 43 MPG and do about 75~80 on the motorway...

In Topic: Newbie questions!

04 January 2010 - 04:04 PM


After a few years owning MG Rovers we currently have an MGZR thats had 3 head gasket changes in the last 4 months so its time for the car to go!

We're looking at the Fiesta around year 2004-2005 shape (which mk is that???). Currently test driven a 1.4 Duratec Ghia and was very impressed so we may be going for that in the next 2 weeks.

Before we dive into this, is there anything i should pay particular attention to when looking at the car? I know MG Rover are known for head gasket problems etc and i know my old mondeo went through suspension wishbones at an alarming rate, but is there anything i should be concerned about when looking at Fiestas that have around 35k on the clock?

Also what is this Duratec engine all about? Last Ford i owned was an L-reg mondeo so things have changed a tad in the years i've been on the dark side!

Well, thats my essay for now!

Thanks in advance!

MK 6.5 (face lift of MK 6) or MK 6

Changed in 52/03 plate to MK 6 and then again i believe 05/55 plate, someone may be able to give you exact dates...

MK 7 is the new current one...

If its the same duratec engine thats in the new fiestas i am VERY impressed with it. (Done over 20k miles already and no problems at all)

In Topic: My BT has stopped working

04 January 2010 - 01:47 PM

Yeah, phone is bonded, radio on, it shows my phone in the list of bonded phones - when i select my phone, nothing happens basically

i need to go and debond it and start again - i'll let you know if i cure it

thanks man


if its a Sony Ericsson i have the same problem every now and then... its simple disable bluetooth on ur phone, and debond it in ur car. cycle ignition and then repair... it gets it some stupid loop occassionally where the buttons dont even work the radio, ie the on/off button dont respond after an ignition cycle it sould revive... sometimes have to get out the car lock it and then unlock it etc... :$ silly i know but it works for me...

In Topic: Mk7 boot wheel well "tidy"

04 January 2010 - 12:54 PM

Cos i'll be too lazy to fit it, should the need ever arise. That's what AA membership is for lol And can anyone seriously say they'd want to get their hands filthy and frozen changing a flat in this weather? And what if it's dark too? And with a boot full of shopping? :lol:

And i hate seeing a spare wheel that's been used - usually all filthy dirty! So it'll be nice for the next owner to see a shiny, new, unused spare and jack when they buy it (already thinking that far ahead, sad, i know :P)


what size wheels you got? i may be interested in buying it lol spent the last few days trying to get a new alloy Trust me it aint quick! and my cars off the road till i get one, will never buy a car without a spare again!!!

PS: ill get some photos later for you... i need the camera ot take photos of the pot hole that destroyed my wheel lol so wont be any bother...

In Topic: Fiesta 09 Alloy Wheel Replacement/Spare Wheel

04 January 2010 - 11:06 AM

Go back to the pot hole and take photos of it, preferably ith something to scale it and put a claim in against the local council. It's there duty to maintain the roads to a satisfactory condition and clearly this hole isn't.

More info here.

cool thankyou for that site... ive got photos of the wheel etc.. and as it snowed here the hole is covered up. so will take a walk when it clears a bit... the council are sending me a form, i will be chasing it to the end...

So far 120 for the wheel from ford... Collect about 2pm today then another 75 for a Avon tyre!.. Changing the other tyre too so another 75, im hoping thats where it stops... Ford wanted 110 for a Continentil Tyre so went to a local Tyre company...

well keep you posted, i have the 16" sculpture wheels BTW.

Cant get a spare no 16" spare wheel was made and nor was they made on the old fiestas either... :( checked...