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In Topic: Zetec Blue First Impressions

08 April 2008 - 04:42 PM

Hi got the same model i think only 3 door, picked it up brand new for 7700!! 3 grand off all because of the new model coming out!!!! has the sony stereo and blue tooth, ford gives a list of all the fully compatible mobiles mines a samsung and shows the same as urs "unavailable" for the call history. v v pleased with it, excellent drive and at that price just unbelievable!! one weird thing though when the fuel low warning light came on so did main beam!! could cancel it by the stalk but v strange, have topped it up and see if i can reproduce it next time it comes on - be intresting to know if yrs does it too?
have fun

Yeah I like it. Nice to drive and easy to use. Good fuel economy!

I havent been low on petrol, I always keep half a tank at least in the car. Not sure why the beam would come on, sounds like a silly feature if it was to remind the driver.

PS slimfast how can we check the VIN, what do we look out for?

In Topic: fiesta suspension WARNING

02 April 2008 - 08:05 AM

Do you think this effects new Fiestas? (Mines is 2008)

In Topic: Bluetooth Head Units????

30 March 2008 - 05:28 PM

hey there folks

I am about to collect a 55 plate (post revision) Fiesta Style TDCi.

Now, I know on the Zetec Blue you get Bluetooth compatibility....can you retro fit this to the same shape Fiesta?

If so, is it the Sony head unit that does the magic or is there some other gizmo built in to the car itself?????

Any advice would be great.



I assume it could be done, the BT stack is in the head unit itself, and there is a microphone placed in the car....i guess you would need a new head unit then also. Might be worth considering 3rd party head units as their bluetooth capabilities are generally better (can read text messages, better GUI etc)