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In Topic: why do people drive around in the daytime with there headlights on

18 June 2009 - 08:40 PM


I live up in bonnie dundee in scotland??? Is that near to you???

In Topic: why do people drive around in the daytime with there headlights on

15 June 2009 - 06:34 AM

Also you live by me :D

I live by you??? Where do you live then??? Im in dundee next to Ballumbie. is that your fiesta in the pict hun.

In Topic: why do people drive around in the daytime with there headlights on

13 June 2009 - 11:22 PM

No problem mate I just wanted to let you all know just whats coming in the high way code soon and the laws are changing. Hope this helps everyone. The only reason I know all this new info is cause Im an MOT tester and we get all the new laws that are being issued and DAY TIME RUNNING LIGHTS are coming to a road near you very soon(2010) Ray fae dundee.

In Topic: why do people drive around in the daytime with there headlights on

13 June 2009 - 11:08 PM

Hi guys, just to set the record straight for all you drivers out there. Its going to become law that all vehicles/cars by the year 2010 must have what car manufacturers are calling DAY TIME RUNNING LIGHTS and every vehicle, even if its an old car must have some form of lights switched ON, while its being driven on the road(CAR,BUS,LORRY,VAN,MOTOR BIKE,ETC,ETC). Its for road safety, so that the vehicle is easily seen on the road. They made it part of the law for motor bikes about 3 or 4 years ago for all motor bikes to have there dip head light switched on, so that the motor bike rider is spotted at junctions and crossings, so that the rider is'nt knocked off there machine,AND IT WORKS,BELIEVE ME. If car drivers do not have there lights switched on by the requirements of the law changes in 2010, then the police are going to be issuing fines and possible points to driving licences if these lights are not switched on(WATCH THIS SPACE). If you notice that all new cars manufacted since 2007 have there light switched on while the engine is started, but there is a setting in the vehicle to switch these lights off if the owner wants to change this setting, BUT REMEMBER THE POLICE FINES AND THE DREDDED POINTS, JUST ANOTHER WAY OF HITTING THE MOTORISTS POCKET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!.As if speed cameras, or as I like to call them PIGGY BANK MACHINES FOR THE POLICE ar'nt bad enough just now eh!!!!!!!!

Another point I want to clear up for you people out there is that ALL VOLVO's and SAAB's manufactured from the 1980's, have lights which are illuminated as soon as the ignition is switched on and the engine is running. In 1977 a swedish guy was getting so cheesed of with car drivers in sweden not using there lights when it was foggy or the weather wasnt to good, he went to volvo and told them of his complaint and volvo came up with a solution to this guts complaint and they made there cars lights work as soon as the ignition and engine was started. They also gave this idea to SAAB as this was there sister company and if you notice SAAB's and VOLVO's from the some era in the 80's all have Day Time Running Lights on there cars.

Now Fog lights???? If you use any kind of fog light, either front or rear when its not required by law( Fog/Visability has to be less than 100mts, before you can use either fog lights) the police can and they do fine you for dazzlingother road users. If you use either fog light when its raining/road is wet then the police will stop you and fine you severly for using these lights.

Hope this helps or clears up all you guys and dollls out there about enquires for the use of lights on your vehicles out there. Ray fae dundee.

In Topic: Ray Brewers Ford Orion 1600E

15 May 2009 - 05:55 PM

Hi mate, Thanks I keep my orion under cover during the winter months and I only use it when its dry and sunny. They were quite rare when they were manufactured (Only made 1500 units) and according to DVLA records there suppose to be only 250 or so remaining on the road. Many were stolen and robbed of there leather seats and wood trimmed interiors which the company TICKFORD had bog standard Orion 1600i shipped from the Ford factory and they retrimmed the interiors with the wood and leather trims. You hardly ever see any mark 2 orions or the mk4 escorts on the roads these days. I also own a 1955 Ford 100E Prefect Deluxe which is fully restored also. The gold VW Golf 130 TDi you see in my picts is mine also, I use that as my daily running car and only use the Orion on good sunny days. Thanks Ray fae dundee.