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#95436 New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

Posted by pikestones on 31 August 2010 - 07:26 PM

It would be nice if all members gave good and sensible responses but

I totally agree mate,I asked you to list all the "quite serious faults " and you havent responded ,other than to ask for the thread to be closed.

members who always give good, sensible and constructive feedback to any other member who needs it

I think I fall into that category if you look at most of the replies I give to people who ask sensible balanced questions.

Given you have been a member of this board for less than 2 months ,you do seem to have granted yourself something of an air of authority in asking for threads to be closed and asking members who dare to refute your unfounded allegations not to make any more postings.

Again I will ask you to back up your statement "Ford should not be releasing cars with these types of faults, some of which were quite serious faults"

(Obviously this was written by my carer as I am incapable of thinking for myself as you point out above)

#95191 New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

Posted by pikestones on 29 August 2010 - 07:19 PM

Both of you are the sort of people who will just go out and buy a product without first checking it out and then moan like hell about the problems and wish you had never bought the product in the first place.

When have I ever "moaned like hell" about the Fiesta on here,I would say generally I am one of the most pro fiesta posters on here.

I accept dont research in great detail the cars I buy,I look at costs per mile and service costs,but as to reliability I think they are all much the same.

I have owned 15 cars in my time,11 of which were bought new,I dont think I ever test drove more than two of them,never mind spending hours researching

I admit I bought my current Fiesta ,and the one before without test driving,or even seeing the spec/colour I was buying,thats just how I operate,I fancy a change,phone the bloke at the garage,do a deal on the phone,car gets delivered ,sell old car privately...job done.
I find the boot slightly smaller than I would like and the lack of split folding seat causes a minor inconvenience,but I dont moan on here or any other car forum about it,I bought the car without checking these things and I accept that.

I dont regret buying the car at all.

You clearly have an issue with your Corsa you are not sharing with us,Given it is so good and VX now offer a 100k lifetime warranty,why are you moving over to a fault ridden Ford.

You still havent responded to my challenge and pointed out all the "quite serious faults",

thanks to ADZMCP ,we have a leaking footwell(resolved over 12 months ago) and frozen radio,
mine had the well documented missing carpet clips (valencia build),

Hardly on a par with collapsing steering collums and brakes filled with the wrong fluid.

You personally may find my posts "constant verbal drivel" but I have never had to resort to using swear words with asterisks in them to by pass the auto censor.

I would personally refer to my posts as being "consistently factual and objective",rather than "unresearched,subjective and attention seeking " as yours seem to be.


#94621 2010 Ford Fiesta Sport Van Leaking Water!!!

Posted by pikestones on 25 August 2010 - 12:57 PM

Oh wow someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, geez......

Well I may be wrong then and for that I apologise, no need to jump down my neck but I am not here to argue, I am simply here to try and help

Got out of bed without any problems today mate,seems to be you who is jumping down throats!

Whats the point of posting "you can have a new car or your money back....." when it simply isnt true?

Who does that help? How does it help anyone?

What is the point of posting something so misleading??


#94591 2010 Ford Fiesta Sport Van Leaking Water!!!

Posted by pikestones on 25 August 2010 - 08:20 AM

If it takes more than 3 times to rectify the probelm you are entitled by law for a new van or a full refund.

What utter nonsense mate.

It might apply to a kettle or a toaster but you wont be getting a new car!

As ford didnt fix the rack,his mate did ,then the dispute is with his mate,not ford.
There was no leak until his mate fitted the rack.


#91330 New Fiesta Zetec

Posted by pikestones on 04 August 2010 - 06:51 PM

My contact hasnt told me the full list,but as mentioned above they are minor items,although personally I wouldnt have ordered without knowing what they are,lets hope you are not on here complaining in a few weeks time that it no longer has x y z .

The only definate change I know of is the 1.4 tdci has been retuned for all cars built from 01.08.2010

In fords words:

"From August 2010 the latest Stage V engine tuning takes the Fiesta 1.4-litre TDCi with DPF up 2PS to 70PS"

The 1.6 tdci was recently uprated to 95PS.

The 2011 range all have ESP,although this has been standard since May,although the brochure has not yet been updated to show this.

There is talk of a new 1200 petrol coming soon with the new ecoboost engine,to compete with the new vw engines.


#88722 2011 Fiesta

Posted by pikestones on 16 July 2010 - 08:35 PM

Ford have announced all Fiestas built from 01/08/2010 will be classed as Fiesta 2011

Not sure at the moment what the differences from the current 2010.6 version will be.
There doesnt seem to be any significant changes up to zetec level,but the titanium and Zetec s have been re alligned price wise to allow for added value.
New factory fit optional extras to be launched as well.


#88080 Car Locking Scam

Posted by pikestones on 12 July 2010 - 09:24 PM

you beat me to it RCJ


similar report from 2008

Load of nonsense


#87914 Over The Moon

Posted by pikestones on 11 July 2010 - 05:21 PM

I donít have to wait, but i want to have a 11 reg plate over here the year is displayed on the reg plate so hopping if I order in November I may be able to get the reg 11 WW 7. Meaning ww for Co.Wicklow the 7th car to be registered in 2011 and also since its a mk7 would look cool, if I buy now it would be the same car and body style as I don't want the 2011 face lifted version id rather the 2010 but the reg would be great if possible, other specific reg's are usually taken up for Peugeot, Mazdaís and Subaru e.g. 555 and 206 as we cant get personalised plates over here :)

Fair point mate,but given it costs euro 1000 to get an Eire personal reg ( form VRT15A),dont you think its a bit expensive for a plate only you will understand the meaning of?

I could almost see the point of it on a DB7 or a 7 series,but who is going to look at at and think MK7 fiesta?

Its a good job you dont want a 2011 facelift version as ford are not actually planning one.


#84132 Warning Mountune Heartlands Ford Tamworth

Posted by pikestones on 04 June 2010 - 06:14 PM

when i went to pick it up it didn't have privacy glass,

The Zetec doesnt have privacy glass

we looked through the papers and it appears not to be on there

you have to pay extra and put it on the order form,
did you pay extra?
was it on the order form which you checked before you signed it ?

my dad reckons it was their fault

Its not a standard featue

Its not been put on the order form

How is it their fault?


#83958 Service History Advice Needed

Posted by pikestones on 02 June 2010 - 02:33 PM

Hi thanks for reply

Lol I had read on other forums about rejecting cars under the sale of goods act, I think I just got carried away!! LOL I don't want to give back the car, as it meets every need hence the purchase, but I wasn't sure whether walking away would be the right thing. I also part exchanged my car, so apart from loving this car -I wouldn't have anything to drive!

Sorry what's a CI car?

No this was bought via a main dealer forecourt

A CI car is an ex hire car from Jersey/guernsey (Channel Islands)

Every year ford send thousands of cars to Jersey and Guernsey to be used as hire cars,as the CI are outside the EU the cars qualify for various tax reliefs when re imported to the UK.

As Jersey is only 15 miles by 12 miles and has a speed limit of 30mph,its pretty difficult for the cars to clock up the miles a hire car on the mainland would.

Thus when the cars are re imported (after about 1 year),thay are very low miles,some never even get used if they are at the back of the compound at Jersey airport.

The cars are then re registered from J xxxxxx plates to Uk plates and sold on in the uk,specialist dealers used to sell them on,but ford dealers now have acess to them,my local Polar ford had about 50 just before christmas.

The service book would often show "la motte" as the supplying dealer which would set alarm bells ringing to future buyers ,hence the tendancy to loose the service book.

The cars are returned to the mainland before the first service is due.

When you looked at the car,you must have asked the question as to why it had such low miles,what did they tell you?


#83943 Service History Advice Needed

Posted by pikestones on 02 June 2010 - 12:45 PM

I think you are dreaming if you think you can simply return the car,

As for the cars history ,well 5k miles over 18 months does seem a little on the low side.

Is the car an ex CI car??
The gap in the service history and "lost" service book would then make some sense.

Was the car sourced through Ford Direct?
If so it will have the Ford direct warranty ,so you dont need to worry about the late first service.


#43444 Car made where?

Posted by pikestones on 18 September 2009 - 11:43 AM

Your Vin will look somethng like this


WFO means ford europe
J is 5 door (G is 3 door)
x these two are not used on cars
G is for Germany (location of factory)(W=spain)
A This is the factory ,within the country (A=cologne,P=Valencia)
J This is the model type (Fiesta)
J this is a check repeat of letter 4 in the sequence
9 this indicates built in 2009
R This is the month of build
12345 the12,345th fiesta to be built at the indicated factory,in the month shown

The month indicator does not follow a logical pattern
may 2009=R
june 2009=B