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Noisey Rear Suspention again

16 July 2009 - 09:37 PM


My car rattles like a tin of nails as it goes down the road empty... :o

This maybe a strange question, but how can you tell if rear shock absorbers are faulty my car rattles when the car is empty. the less weight in the rear the worse it gets. I've removed spare wheel and kit, removed carpets shelf, folded the seats flat. the lighter the rear gets the louder the rattling gets. I'm shure its the shocks but when you take them off the car they seem fine, no slack no rattles, the top mounts are fine not loose, the rubbers, top and bottom are fine and thers no wear in the lower mount bolt shafts. I've checked the rear springs. The anoying thing is I cant get it to make the noise when its not going down the road, and "if I sit in the back whist the wife drives not the best thing in the world to do" it shuts up...anoying doesnt go near it...its driving me nuts...

So far I've lifted the car supported the body on stands lowered the rear suspention so its hanging down, checked wheel bearings, radius trailing arm bushes, shocker top mounting fixings and there's no slack or sign of knocking.

I've sat in the back with the car on the ground and jumped up and down in the boot and still cant make it do it...if I put over half a tank of fuel in it it shuts up...

I'm sure its the shocks but as I said I cant prove it.

Does anyone know how to test gas shocks.

or has anyone had and solved this problem.

Thanks cartman690...

Air conditioning Charge stub?

31 May 2009 - 06:00 AM

Hi Gang 24c yesterday. My car is like a Turbo oven and the aircon is blowing warm air :o and the pump is just Ticking. :unsure: 2 Questions does anyone Know where the low side charge port is. the high side is on the front slam panel, and any Idea what the System capacity is in grams. Just to mention I have all the Recharging Kit as I recharge refridgeration at work. Thanks Cartman690...

Hello from Bristol

20 May 2009 - 06:53 PM

Hi I'm Steve from Bristol. Ive got a 53 ford Fusion 3 1.4 tdci Called Donkey, had it over 2 years Bought it to replace a sick Land rover, Couldn't afford to waste any more money on. wanted a cheaper to run car that would be ok for me and the wife and our duties. The wife picked it I thought it was a Focus at 1st. Ive had Fords in the past and thought them basic but reliable as cars go.its a bit rattley but has a good stereo to drown the clatter. Haven't regreted it yet 35 annual road tax compared to 299. Still forget to fill it up it goes so far on fuel. and still question the cashier when I fill it up can't get used to putting under 80 in a fuel tank...