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In Topic: 2011 Fiesta

09 August 2010 - 05:18 PM

Yea but they had LOADS of Euro Fiestas in the US runnnig up to its laucnh which is about when that was revealed when they where touring them about.

Also theirs no way they could have the power of an engine in the Fiesta that would require an Intercooler...it simple wouldnt be able to handle that amount in such a small chassis and being so light.

They only had 5 door euro spec fiestas being driven as promotional cars. That's what makes it appear a genuine ford test mule IMO and not a tuners effort, and I doubt any of the US tuners would bother importing a car over from Europe to modify. Ford were probably trying to test it on the roads away from the UK etc where it probably would have attracted alot of attention, with the UK being the top hot hatch market.

And of course they could fit an engine in the fiesta which requires an intercooler, the corsa vxr has one and that's 1.6 turbo like the fiesta st is rumoured to be.

In Topic: Fiesta Woes

30 April 2010 - 04:22 PM

Also does an actual 49MPG on a long run (despite 55MPG shown on the computer which I use as a guide only, always seems to read 6-8MPG above what the car's actually doing!)

On a long run at what speed?! Lol. At a steady 70 I don't think mine shows anywhere near even a quoted 55mpg, more like 43ish I think.

In Topic: Fiesta Woes

30 April 2010 - 01:11 PM

I'm thinking about getting rid of my Zetec-S soon, going for a totally different class of car to the Fiesta(new shape TT or a Boxster S). I still think the Fiesta's the best car in it's class!

Mine isn't perfect, the passenger door rattles, but for what it is it's great! They look lovely, especially in ZS + Street pack guise, and aside from the doors I don't think the build quality's that bad. There's some hard plastics but you get that in all super mini's.

And with regards to power, it's not hugely fast but surely people knew this before they were buying it?! The Ti-Vct engines a good one though (never driven the diesel so can't comment on that), nice and smooth and in all fairness plenty fast enough for a good blast down B roads if you keep it on the boil, combine this with the handling and it makes a fun car, i'll definately miss mine!

In Topic: Mk7 Fiesta Kangerooing?!?

20 April 2010 - 07:36 PM

Hi all as you know, I have had my new Fiesta since january, only recently on the cold mornings the car has being violently kangerooing (only when the engine is completely cold) I can press the accelorator completely down and nothing will happen, it will do it until i stop and start going again, only seems to happen when im going uphill, any ideas????

I think mine does the same thing as yours mate. I start the car first thing on a morning, select first gear, set off then the car seems to loose all power for a second (its as if it's stalled, but it hasn't) then the power will kick back in and the car will launch forward. It'll only do this the first time I set off on a morning, never again throughout the day. Sound similar? Havn't bothered taking it in to ford yet.

In Topic: Fiesta St Mk7

01 April 2010 - 08:47 AM

already been through that one!!! decided it was a chaved up fiesta... it looks too like the mountune pack

Thing is though a chav couldn't have got hold of that in the US, they're only getting the 5 door over there, and the US model has different bumpers etc.