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Some Very Off Topicness ...

06 June 2010 - 08:13 PM

Well I just had my last journey in my Focus.

It's been sold now, to my neighbour actually. The family own the massive house on the side of the estate with a BMW X5, Nissan Navara, BMW 5-Series and a Ford Galaxy on the drive. But they wanted a "cheap run around" to get back and fore to Bristol as the wife's X5 was costing them a fortune. 1,300 was obviously pocket money to him as I said "do you want me to pop the bonnet so you can have a look?"

To which he replied (and I'm not joking): "You can but I haven't got a clue about cars, it sounds ok, looks alright. So I'll buy it."
And pulled out 100 as a deposit and we are signing over tomorrow.

Last week though I was on about getting a Land Rover. But I've changed my mind now and want a classic Mini. But for 1,300 I won't get a good one so I've had to sacrifice my Focus, in order to save money, for the cheapest, and most basic car I can get.

Before I tell you what it is I'll just tell you the reasons I'm buying it:
- For me, a 19 year old with 3 points and a country lane collision under my belt... Insurance is a killer. This car costs me 900/year fully comp. As opposed to 1,800/year TPF+T for my Focus.
- Now I don't go to college in Cardiff anymore (30 miles away), I only do about 5 miles a day back and fore to work. And the odd 50 mile journeys to Bridgend/Merthyr Tydfil. And on another forum someone else owns one of these claiming 70 miles on 5 of petrol.
- Not much to go wrong. Cheap parts. 19 tyres each.

So right, here's where my dignity commits suicide because tomorrow, I'm going to look at a car in Plymouth, and most probably to buy it ... Don't laugh! ...

... A Fiat Panda.
My link

Basically, a new MOT always is a good sign for me on a used car. So I emailed the seller asking if he was open to an offer to sell it before auction ended. He emailed me back saying he wants minimum of 375 for it but would be happy to sell it ASAP. So then I rang him, with some research under my belt about the car's common problems. He said there's no oil leaks (main problem with the engine), and all rust has just been welded up to get through the MOT (other main problem). It's also had 4 new tyres.

But when I say it's basic, it's BASIC. It has an analog clock and an ashtray ... That's it!

But when I want to save up for something I'll do whats necessary.

I just hope it'll take me home when I buy it... The 1.0 engine hamster under the bonnet needs to take me 135 miles back to Wales. :unsure:

Very O/t, Decisions Decisions ...

26 May 2010 - 05:59 PM

Well, unfortunately it seems it may be the last couple of weeks that I'll be a Ford owner for the time being. Sob.

The car is up for sale, I've had a potential buyer. So I've had a bit of time to reflect on what to get next.

Here's the snag, I'm not upgrading, as it goes.

I've decided to buy either a future classic ... Or a classic car. Needs to save me money in some way or another and be a bit of a project (which will be used as an everyday car). I've narrowed it down to 4 cars now.

Future classics:
- Peugeot 309. Anything but the 1.1. Had a 1.9D one of these and very much miss it.
- Peugeot 205. Probably the 1.4.
- Citroen BX. 1.6 or 1.9 diesel.


Classic, veryyyy classic.
- A Land Rover Series IIA or III. Needs to be tax exempt. Some usable ones going for cheap but wont be in a few years time. 2.0 diesels do about 25mpg though, BUT unbelievably they are peanuts to insure. Even for me.

Bit of a dilemma. Anybody would like to point me in the best direction.

PS. I know anything could go wrong with all 3 of these cars. But whatever one I'll get they'll be a sort of a rolling restoration project.

Irritating Noise From 1.8Tddi Estate ...

19 April 2010 - 10:42 AM

This started a week ago.

When I pass 40mph, there's a strange noise coming from the front of the car. It's like a deep droning/humming noise.

I can't work out what it is. :huh:

I can't see it being mechanical. There's no crunches or odd vibrations from the gearbox, no loss of power of jerking. It's really strange.

Only difference to the car at the moment is the grill from the bumper has been removed ready to fit day running lights on it ... But I can't see that being the cause of it.

Anyone else experienced this or anybody got any ideas to what this could be?

If I got time this week I'll try and get a video so you can hear the noise for yourselves.
Cheers in advanced. :)

De-Badging Driver's Door On Mk1.

02 April 2010 - 09:20 AM

Easy to take the "LX" badge off the driver's door? Just wanted it done really as my car has had an upgrade and it's not really an LX anymore.

What's the best way to do it to leave no damage?

Mk1 Front Mud Flaps

02 April 2010 - 08:43 AM


On my Focus estate I've got the rear mud flaps on. But being in the area I'm in the car is always covered in mud on the sides. So thought it would be worth it to get front mud flaps.

Anybody know the best place to get them and are they easy to fit?

Ta. :)