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Mk2.5 With Mk3 Mist Washers Help

31 October 2015 - 01:46 PM



I fitted the mk3 mist washers to my focus about 3 years ago and although they work fine, I would like the spray to be a little higher on my windscreen. 

I seem to get a lot of the fluid spraying onto my bonnet as well which is a bit of a pain.

Are these adjustable like the old ones with a pin or does anyone else have the same issue and has found fix?


Many thanks

Break Disc And Pads Replacement

07 September 2015 - 01:05 PM



My front pads and discs will need replacing soon, I have been quoted £177. 


I have never had to have this done before but I have had my focus the longest so Im unsure what kind of price is good for such a job.


Can anyone advise on if this is a good price?


many thanks

Led Sidelights On Mk2.5

24 July 2015 - 09:19 AM



I just got some Osram led lights for my mk2.5 sidelights, I had these nasty looking blue tinted bulbs before which hardly gave out any light, and as you guys know the sidelights on the focus are situated on the top corner of the focus and depending on bulbs can be quite poor for light output.


I got the following which are an excellent match for my dipped beam (Osram nightbreakers plus) but the leds below are stated for interior only, I read around and its such a grey area on weather led lights (exterior use) are road legal?




Has anyone else got these and have fitted them or similar to their sidelights, just want to be sure I'm driving road legal even though the lights I got are exterior use only, Im guessing its just Osram manufacturer advice and that led lights (sidelights) are ok for road use due to many new cars using led now.



Chips/scuffs On Bumper Help

16 July 2015 - 11:25 AM


I have decided to keep my car for a bit longer so want to fix a little damage to front bumper driver side.

I have damage to the plastic area under the headlight, scuffs and small chips, would chips away be a good bet? I've never used them so don't know what there like.

Also I would like to replace the drivers side headlight unit as inside the unit is a burn smudge as if a bulb has got very hot, it's where the sidelight is so it's not a big deal but if I could get a headlight unit cheap, just not sure where to look?

So can anyone recommend chips away and a place to get a headlight unit for a mk2.5.

Many thanks

1.6tdci And Ecoboost 1l 125

05 July 2015 - 03:48 PM


Not been on here for ages!

I'm looking at p/x my focus 1.6tdci titanium (2010) for a mk3 titanium navigator 1 litre ecoboost (125).

Am i making a mistake in terms of performance?

I know mpg will be slightly lower.

Anyone with this engine can you tell me what it's like for overtaking/uphill performance as I'm still a bit undecided.