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Mk2.5 To Newer Model

17 December 2014 - 12:00 PM


I have a 2010 mk2.5 1.6tdci titanium which I'm thinking about trading in next year towards a newer focus
I'm looking at used with low mileage.
Even though diesel has been OK for me I'm thinking petrol would suit me better as I do fairly low mileage.

Has anyone got any thoughts on the 1 litre 125ps petrol?

As well as the 1.6 182ps ecoboost?

I'm not sure which would match or improve my current car best in terms of performance, any advice much appreciated.


Led Lights For Number Plate.

19 March 2014 - 10:48 AM



I have led lights above my number plate , I like the look of the white glow they give off but the problem is they don't seem to last very long.


I always thought leds were quite long lasting, perhaps its because the ones I get are not very well made as I do normally just get them off ebay.


Does anyone know of place to get leds at a reasonably price that last a bit longer? , seen as some cars have leds as standard in number plates I'm sure they don't need to change them every 6 months. So Im guessing mine are just not very well made.


Can anyone help?



Key Fob Battery Help

29 January 2014 - 10:07 AM



Getting a message pop up on my dash about my key battery being low.


It looks easy to change after looking at a video on youtube but I just need to make sure its something I can do without buggering anything up.


Also where is the best place to get the batteries from?


I have the keyless start/entry key fob


according to the owners book I require a 3VCR 2032 , I guess any well known brand will do?



Filling Up Tank Minor Problem?

09 January 2014 - 10:46 PM



When I fill up my tank with diesel it keeps shutting off and I have to hold the handle only a little down so hardly any goes in the tank , even then it shuts off.


If I squeeze the handle all the way it just shuts off.


I'm not sure if it was the pump or my car but its happened a few times now and is a bit annoying.



Any ideas?






Tow Eye Cover Paint Help

30 December 2013 - 10:53 AM



Some ****** lobbed a glass bottle from his car while I was driving in the other direction recently and as always is the case I have to pay for the damage while the **** who done it goes about his low life existence!


Anyway rant over , I have chip/scuff damage on my front bumper and a cracked windscreen which I have a appointment booked for a replacement.


Luckily I have windscreen cover although I will need to pay windscreen excess.


I dont really want to claim for the other damage as my excess it high.


I also lost my tow eye cover from this and fords sell them for a fiver but they are just primer so I would need to paint it , not sure where to purchase the paint?


I need panther black spray , halfords?


and I'm not sure if I need Lacquer , can this be bought from halfords?


Just need advice on what I need to do to respray a tow eye cover and best way to repair scuffed/chipped plastic front bumper?


thanks guys