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In Topic: TDCI Servicing and MPG

14 April 2008 - 10:56 AM

Hi Rob

Welcome to FOC

What sort of driving are you doing? round town or motorway? mixed?

These figures i was getting in my old 2004 golf tdi and i mostly do round town... motorway 50-55mpg at 55-65 mph (trying to see how high i could get it)

So to me those figures are pretty good if your a town driver.

Hi Steve,

I do about 40 miles a day 30 of these miles are on fast roads (70mph) adn the other 10 miles is done through town however there is hardly any stopping and starting mainly about 30mph ish all the time.

i do drive quite economically and have a vey light foot, i very rarely put my foot down.

do you know if my friends comments around the EMU are correct?