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In Topic: fiesta wont select gear, anyone with experience?

15 April 2008 - 05:49 PM

alright im new to this forum. what it is i jumped in my car other month started engine went to select gear and just felt car move forward as if the clutch isnt connecting properly, i changed the clutch master cylinder and bled the system.after this it was working fine until just now, would you suggest i re bleed the clutch? or has anyone else found that it was actually the clutch. i think it might just be a hydraulic fault. any advice would be much appreciated. cheers! zak

the same sortof thing happened it me my car just wouldnt work so i done pretty much the same. bled it and change the cylinder it worked for a while but went again so i got a new clutch and seems to have solved the problem :)

In Topic: 1995 Fiesta, locking problems...

15 April 2008 - 05:20 PM

Here's the problem. The locks and handles on my doors. I only have a key lol, no central locking! But i sometimes have to climb in the boot to open the door, cos sometimes the front door doesn't unlock. The handle on the inside gets stuck in, locked. It then won't open by using the key. This is why i have to use the boot to occasionally get in lol. Can anyone help? Or has anyone had any similar problems?

Haha i have simualar problems ive got a mk4 and i have to climb over the passengers side to get in but its not as dramatic as through the boot! haha