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is my fiesta worth fixing or right off?

15 April 2008 - 08:17 PM

:unsure: So my car was stolen and well in a Police chase. suspects hit a lamp post but to my astonishment the bonnet is still in impeccable condition!! Considering the fact that both tyres on the left hand side of the car were blown up and shredded by a Police stinger matt.

My insurance are saying it will be 6 months before they even investigate due to a technicality. Spoke to my lawyer and he tends to agree they can take that long due to small print on my contract. (my advice to anyone getting insurance is to just a pay a little extra for quality cover from a recommended insure it definitely pays off in the long run.)

I think the car is finished but perhaps it can be fixed up? need new tyres obviously but engine is fine and car still turns on and sound healthy. Its only done 35,000 so its relatively young. :blink:

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