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In Topic: Escort Gti 1.8 Missing

24 July 2014 - 10:40 PM

U will create a fault that way by unplugging it. Then ur engine management light will come on. And have to clear the fault on a machine. Faulty will be maf sensor open circuit

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Haha no. The Escort is useless. Done it on many and never had a management light come on. Never found a code reader that read it either.



Disconnect the battery for 30mins to reset the system, then try and take it for a test drive. The ECU will re-learn.

In Topic: Close To Disaster? Confessions!

24 July 2014 - 10:36 PM

Been rushing around jump starting cars. Got one running, jumped out, moved some stuff, jumped back in, reversed back out the way forgetting to take the jump leads off.



In Topic: Escort Gti 1.8 Missing

23 July 2014 - 11:01 PM

To tell if your MAF is faulty:


  • Start the car
  • Take note of how it is running
  • Unplug the MAF
  • Again take note of how the car is running.


If the car revs drop considerably or it stalls, the MAF is fine.

If there is no noticeable change, then odds are the MAF is faulty.

In Topic: Escort Gti 1.8 Missing

21 July 2014 - 10:07 PM

Lambda sensor.


More than likely a Lambda sensor. Don't bother trying to hook it up to diagnostics as they very very rarely read them anyway, in fact i have never known an Escort read anything on diagnostics.

In Topic: Slam Panel Cracked And Mot Coming Up

07 July 2014 - 09:44 PM

Get a picture up.


I think you are worrying too much.


As long as headlight aim is good and the light is secure, they probably won't worry about the slam panel.


Other option would be to fill, sand and paint over the crack so no one would know it's there