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#152992 Colour Coded Ms Design Daytime Running Lights Fitted And Working

Posted by coysht on 17 November 2011 - 08:40 PM

heres a question for you ...

612 does seem like a lot of money, so as these are Ford items do the relevant lights dim when you use the left or right direction indicator in the same way that all Audi's do?

The Audi ones only dim because they're so close to the indicators (in the same Headlight unit). Can't remember if its a legal requirement for DRLs or just a recommendation, but if the DRL and other light sources are more than a couple of inches apart, dimming isn't an issue.

You may now all shout "NERD".

#145256 Anyone Else Find The Zetec S Seriously Uncomfortable On Long Journeys?

Posted by coysht on 22 September 2011 - 08:21 PM

Took me ages to get the seat and steering wheel positions right, but eventually I found a position for everything that's pretty good.

#140323 Self Adhesive Carpet - Anyone Used It Anywhere Other Than The Boot?

Posted by coysht on 16 August 2011 - 07:11 PM

I've lined the same storage compartment as Ben did (although he didnt use adhesive felt/carpet) and also the small opening compartment to the right of the steering column. When I have some more I'll do the inside of the glovebox. Bottom of the door bins is an interesting idea - might try it with an off cut and see how it looks.

As far as how much is needed, 1 sheet should do all the areas mentioned above - did the back of the rear seats and still have bits left.

#97621 Gear Change Ratios On Petrol Version

Posted by coysht on 17 September 2010 - 05:49 PM

Adding a 6th gear would mean fitting a more expensive 6-speed box from another model...trying to think which cars Ford make actually have 6-speeds.....although the existing ones they have may not even fit on a Fiesta - that would mean designing a whole new gearbox. Can understand why Ford did neither of those.

Spreading the ratios out more would help keep the revs low in 5th, but could well make the gap between some of the lower gears too big, especially when accelerating hard - the last thing you want is to change up at say 5,500rpm and find that you're only doing 2k in the next gear.
For good acceleration you want the revs to stay above 3,500 or so in every gear - I don't think there is much room left in the ratios to raise 5th and still achieve that.

Changing the ratio of 5th on its own would probably just mean the gap between it and 4th would become a bit on the large size.

Can't say I've ever found a small car with a small or smallish engine which doesn't sit at 3 or 4k on the motorway. To get away from that without messing up other areas of performance you really need a bigger engine, a 6th gear or more likely .......a diesel!