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Windscreen Seal / Bond Issue On 59 Plate Fiesta

23 July 2013 - 07:10 PM

Evening all,


I've got a 59 plate Fiesta Zetec S and while cleaning it at the weekend I noticed something odd going on with top of the passenger side of the windscreen (see attached image).


To me it looks like the screen is coming unstuck from the sealing bond (either the bond from the screen or the black masking paint coming away from the glass) - which if it gets worse will cause it to leak!


Anyone seen anything like this before and/or know how to get it fixed?


If my suspicions are correct, I'm guessing it's a screen out and back in job or even a whole new screen - which I can't see being covered by my insurance's screen cover.

Part Number / Price Request - Mk7 3Dr Passenger Window Seal

31 August 2012 - 03:23 PM

The passenger door window seal (the one round the top of the glass) on my car has got rolled over on top of the window at some point and is now so deformed the window barely closes (the gap for the glass to slide up into has narrowed in one spot, which stops the window moving fully up into the seal). I'm hoping that a new seal isn't going to be too pricey and would solve the issue.

Anyone got access to parts/price databases to give me a number and a rough cost?....and any suggestions on the cheapest place to buy it from.

It's 59 plate Zetec S if that makes any difference.