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In Topic: Clutch Vibrations

19 March 2010 - 01:35 PM

in short no ther pulsing is caused by the solid wheel conversion which isnt designed to soak up the vibration and pulsing effect from the gearbox the only way to eleviate it is to remove it some one asked about changing the dmf prior to this post and i warned them to find out what would happen as its common on many vw to do this conversion with the same issues you have now you have 2 choices 1 live with it 2 replace it with a dmf that really is all there is to it mate sorry theres nothing that can help you

Surely Valeo can't expect to sell these kits and not have numerous customers complain about excessive clutch vibration!?

If this is a common issue AND they want to sell these flywheel kits AND claim that there is little or no difference in clutch feel from the kit to the DMF (as did on the phone to me) then they should either offer a solution to the problem or take them off of the market!!! :angry:

You can't expect to live with or resell a car in this condition unless the potential customer has lost all feeling in his left leg! :lol: :(

In Topic: Clutch Vibrations

08 March 2010 - 12:54 PM

If you like the car wouldn't it be better to get it changed back to DMF?or your going to take a beating on your price when someone test drives it and doesn't like it because of the conversion,anyway,i wish you luck whichever way you go. :(

Cheers. Changing back to a DMF will require me to take out a loan so I'm better off selling it.

In Topic: Clutch Vibrations

08 March 2010 - 09:48 AM

Im afraid to say artscot79 is right there your only two options

The garage say it could be the thrust bearing but their not convinced. So as I can't live with it it's now up for sale to get shot of it!

I guess the lesson of this story is don't let your family car have a solid flywheel conversion (especially a Ford Focus or VW)!

I feel a complete fool for the garage convincing me that there would be no difference in clutch feel between DMF and SMF on a Focus! :(

In Topic: Clutch Vibrations

06 March 2010 - 10:29 AM

I have been reading the posts on this topic and im afraid to say the dmf is designed to absorb the vibrations from of the engine thats its sole purpose.

If you've had the smf conversion then you would expect an increase in the vibrations given off and the garage that done the repair should have known this.

Also im afraid to say that changing the crankshaft pulley wouldn't have any effect on the vibration as you would still get a vibration through the clutch pedal.

as to the transit conversion kits they only work because a transit is already a harsh vehicle to drive and isn't that noticable.

If i can be of any further help please contact me.

Thanks. Is there not anything you can do to relieve the pulsing on the clutch pedal when puting a solid flywheel conversion kit on a 2003 ford focus 1.8 tdci??

In Topic: Clutch Vibrations

05 March 2010 - 07:27 AM

typical ou aint driving a transit van though are you so comparing it to a focus is pointless transits are harsh anyway many vw owners have ghad this same problem changing there diesels to solid flywheel and having these very same issues did you buy a full conversion kit and did they fit it all if i were you ide take the car back to them and let them check it i know it cant be adjusted so maybe they should have changed the pulley as well. they ssured you after all but ive seen and gheard of it many times mate some cars will do the conversion and be fine and some really dont like it take it back in let them drive it and see where you go from there

Thanks for the advice. I intend to take it back in for another test-drive at least. I wish I knew whether changing the
the crankshaft pulley to a standard (for SMF) one would make a difference to the clutch pulsating (as oppsoed to the current pulley used in conjunction with the previous DMF).