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In Topic: engine conversion

13 July 2009 - 04:52 PM

me and a mate did the 2.0 mondeo conversion on a fiesta si and that was a easy anoth job i dont think that you will have to change the wiring loom as there both zetec engine the only thing i think i will need to change is the ecu. i agree that you need a lot of beer lol :)

but gotta ask,, with the stupidly high fuel prices is it really worth having a big engine these days,,, the streets seem swamped with little 600cc plastic korean crappy cars so theres not much out there to be able to keep up with other than taxis and rich posers in 50kú range rovers who wont race ya anyway,,
well at least the scrappage scheme may bring in lots of quality parts for our old cars ;) ,, if i were to do an engine conversion it love to do a cosworth engine in a small car or a classic capri = lots of fun

In Topic: Needs some painting

13 July 2009 - 04:45 PM

Hi All

My son has a 1998 1.6 16v LX in silver. Recently had the head skimmed and new gasket etc. Has a little bit of wear and tear and needs a bit of paint. Can any one tell me which of the numbers on the VIN plate is the paintcode ?

Have searched the forum with no luck!

I will have a look at my autodata software and let you know tomorrow,, however its probably moondust / stratos silver if its a silver,,,, :rolleyes:

In Topic: engine conversion

09 July 2009 - 07:35 PM

wot you mean associated parts?
do you think the mondeo gear box will fit aswell or would it be betta with the escort box?
would i have to change the ecu aswell?

you will need lots of bits,, its a pretty big job,,, the wiring loom including the ecu will probs be needed along with the fuel system and pump ( as will have a bigger pressure rating I presume??
then you will need lots of patience, a friend to help, an engine hoist and tools, a wiring diagram for both a mondeo and escort so you know what goes where,,, and lots of beer ;)

In Topic: Treating rust and corrosion

09 July 2009 - 07:29 PM

:blink: anyone?

one tipis to make sure ALL rust is removed as it Will come back,,, Id either,,, treat it with chemical rust killer,,, sandblast it off to bare metal with a diy kit, or cut it out and weld in a repair panel,, hope this helps

In Topic: burning oil

09 July 2009 - 07:19 PM

took off the oil filler cap and placed a piece of paper over the neck on idle would not stay on, took out pcv pipe and small valve and checked them ok, still smokes like a good'en, lol guess this beauty has had its day, shame as its got great body work excellent interior and i've just put on, new cat/front road springs/rear wheel bearing,lower arms/new tyres/rear wheel arches and cills, gutted its got to go to scrap after all that as it just aint worth another engine.

Id try these first,,, :rolleyes:
do a compression test to establish if there is much compression and to rule out any warped / cracked head oil passages that could cause leaks,,

look for damage on bores if you have head off to see if the piston rings are snapped,,,
if they are snapped ( usually there will be scrapes on bores,,, its a new engine,,

heres the good news,,, if they arent snapped and are just worn i would try these two products ( they do work as I have tried them and checked the compression after a few hundred miles and its increased it ,, but depends how serverely low it is,,, anyway, get yourself to halfords and buy some holts piston sealer compression paste, its like black toothpaste stuff that seals up the piston when put down the plug hole thus increases compression after 50 miles driving,,,, also try amtech oil additive from ebay, it fills in all the scratches and rebuilds the metal surfaces youd need about 1 litre of it added to fresh oil and filter,, its not cheap though,,,

worth a try before buying a new engine!!