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Buying A C-max, Need Some Advice

26 September 2015 - 06:40 PM

Hello all, I have a bit of a dilema and I need some of your expert advice.

My wife's car has just been written off. Basically, someone drove in to herand she went spinning off the road and hit a lamp post. Shes allright, but the car was totalled. It wasn't her fault as she was on an island and some old bag didn't look and drove in to the back end of her car from one of the entrances on to the island.
Anyway, the search is on now for a new car. Previously we had a 2005 1.6 petrol ford focus. Which we adored and would have kept it for many years to come, it was a great car and very safe, as the recent accident has just proved.

We are looking for something a little bigger as we now have a toddler and 3 dogs. So we are looking at a Ford c-max as they are perfect for our needs. Question is which fuel type

I've done a bit of research regarding tax & mpg:

C-Max Petrol:
1.6    £180 per year   40.9mpg
1.8    £205 per year    39.8mpg
2.0    £205 per year    38.7mpg

C-Max Deisel:
1.6TDCi     £110     57.9mpg
1.8TDCi     £145     52.3mpg
2.0TDCi     £145     49.6mpg

As this is a slightly bigger car, I think that the 1.6 petrol, might be a bit underpowered, I've also been told to avoid the 1.6 petrol and diesel variants for this vehicle. So really I'm looking at the 1.8s or the 2.0s. Comparing the tax per year, the mpg and also performance the diesels win hands down. However, I really don't think my wife does enough milage to warrant buying a diesel and I am fully aware of DPF issues that modern diesel engines face if not used frequently enough.

My wife probably does about 6k per year which I know is very low. Also our price range is between £3-5k so I'm looking at years of 07 onwards really.

Any advice would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance.

Number Plate Alignment

19 June 2015 - 11:52 AM

Hello peeps!


Just a quick question. I have my MOT coming up soon and my number plates were in desperate need of replacement. I've ordered a standard set (no country or origin tag or crazy fonts), however, they have arrived and they are not centre aligned? They are right aligned and where a country of origin badge should sit theres just a blank space. Surely they should have centre aligned the number, or is this a standard practice now? It's really pi$$ing me off now every time I look at it, and working in the graphic design industry makes it worse. Trouble is, my MOT is on Saturday and there is no time to send them back. Am I being pedantic?