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1.8Tdci Shuddery While Cranking

14 February 2015 - 06:33 PM

Lately our old bus has been getting very shuddery whilst cranking. It's worse on frosty mornings but even does it when starting a warm engine. My first thoughts were engine mounts, especially the bottom one, but I got the garage to take a look at them during the last service and they said they were ok. I replaced the glow plugs 2½ years ago at about 90K, it's now on about 112K. Other thoughts are slow cranking speed due to tired battery or voltage loss somewhere. I wondered about the anti-shudder valve but thought that only came into action when switching off and it doesn't shudder noticeably then.


Anybody have any thoughts about this before I go down the route of getting codes read? Bearing in mind it's age and mileage I don't feel inclined to spend shedloads of cash on it so if it's going to be expensive I'll live with it as it is. I'd welcome suggestions, especially from anyone who has had a similar problem.

Front Mudflap Clips

04 February 2015 - 10:11 AM

On my wife's Mk1.5 one of the front mudflaps has lost both of the spring clips and it's flapping around on the single bolt into the sill. Anyone know if there is anywhere I can get some new clips? The car's too old to justify nearly 40 quid on new flaps. I'd rather just take the existing ones off.

Steering Vibration

09 June 2014 - 09:40 AM

Hi Folks,


For some time now our 03-plate Mk1.5 Ghia estate 1.8TDCi has suffered from a bit of steering vibration. It recently had an MOT and came away with a clean bill of health but needed new front tyres. The front wheels have been re-balanced three times since then but the vibration is still there. It happens from about 65 indicated upwards and is not constant, sometimes it's worse, sometimes barely noticeable. I have noticed that on a gradual bend in the road it comes and goes as though the wheels are going in and out of sync.


At the last balance I specifically asked the the guy to check that the alloys were undamaged and running true and he confirmed they were ok. Also as far as I know the driveshafts are undamaged.


I'm now wondering if the problem is the suspension getting a bit tired and slack - the car's done just over 105K - and therefore less tolerant of any slight imbalance in the wheels and shafts. I just bought a 60-plate Mk2.5 hatch and the handling of that feels so much tighter and more responsive and although I realise the steering geometry is probably different the older car feels distinctly soggy by comparison.


In spite of the clean MOT I wonder if I should have the front shocks replaced. If so what brand should I go for? I notice Euro Car parts list three different makes.


I should be grateful for any help or suggestions.

Anyone Else Think The Focus Interior Design Has Gone Backwards?

09 April 2014 - 09:37 PM

Note that I'm referring here to the 2010 Focus Mk2.5 (facelift MK2) that I've recently bought. I can't comment on the Mk3 as I haven't seen one. We still have the MK1.5 that we bought six years ago and comparing the two I think the interior design of the Mk2.5 is very much inferior.


First the instrument panel looks really tacky. It puts me in mind of a childs toy. Ok, obviously some compromises were necessary to make room for the message panel but the fuel and temperature gauges are pathetically small and the chrome surrounds to the instruments and the silver infill just look cheap and blingy.


Next the console. Here again there's too much silver. It just looks cheap. The cover for the power connector sticks up like a sore thumb. The cup holders have got smaller and are pretty much useless.


The door pockets have also got smaller and the low position of the door handles prevents them from being used for any tall items, such a road atlas. The window and mirror controls feel a lot less robust and relocating the mirror control to the door handle is in my opinion a backward step : the combined switch/joystick on the inside of the mirror mount is much more practical for adjusting position while in motion as you don't have to look down.


In addition to those individual niggles the overall styling of the interior of the older car still looks fresh compared with the rather staid and unimaginative look of the new one.


I even find the exterior styling rather bland compared to the older car, which was quite ground-breaking in its time. I would accept the Mk3 looks a lot better although I'm not convinced by the rear lights - too far-eastern in concept for my taste.


So you might ask why I bought the Mk2.5 rather than another make and the answer is that I find it fun to drive with precise handling and a good clutch and gearbox. It feels much tauter on the road than the Mk1.5 although that's not really comparing like for like as the old one is an estate and has done 105K so it's running gear is probably getting a bit tired. Also it's a heavy old diesel lump whereas the new one's a petrol hatch with only 24K on it.


So have I opened a can of worms with these observations? What do you other people think?