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In Topic: Speedometer wobble

23 July 2009 - 06:15 PM

Hi Susan

Yes the Haynes is vague, but (quoting another thread I saw) the sensor is fitted to the transmission in
place of the older speedometer cable drive pinion.

Indeed I spent some time convincing myself it was a sensor and not the pinion - but it does have an electrical connector and wires rather than a sheathed cable.

From memory, on our car it has a metal bracket sort of around it and is a pig to get to - sort of behind and under the transmission and close to the firewall.

If I seem a bit vague, it is some months since I changed the clutch, and I have tried to ignore the wife's complaints about the speedo wobbling - the rev counter works so watch that instead! However, I can't stand the heat much longer and must do something to resolve the problem!



In Topic: Speedometer wobble

22 July 2009 - 03:31 PM

Thanks Paul-eb

But it is not a "cable" that turns in a sleeve - it is an electrical wire ending in a plug connector (that I couldn't see how to separate so I had to take the whole sensor out). The wire may be broken and making only intermittent connection (but I don't think so). I wonder more if the foil tape is not shielding the sensor properly (or something like that)!



Have another look at the cable, you may have kinked it causing it to flick as it turns.

Best of Luck Paul-eb