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In Topic: Anti Freeze & Fuel Filter

14 September 2013 - 06:13 PM

 I got it done. Failed for a front light and it being incorrectly aligned, but they sorted it for £20ish. But got some advisories 2 which are relatively easy exhaust mounts corroded and one of the anti roll bar links gaiters. But the other thing is the break lines which they have said are slightly corroded. But last March I had (this is quoted of the recipe) the N/S/F & O/S/F Flexi Brake hoses and manufacture & fit N/S/R copper brake pipe. 


 Have these guys ripped me off or are the brake pipes Halfords have said are slightly corroded different ones? But any hey I'm ok for now.

In Topic: Anti Freeze & Fuel Filter

13 September 2013 - 10:43 PM

 Thing was tonight when I put water in it to flush it, I left it for around 10-15 minutes and the gauge had gone up to about half way and the heater was blowing out hot air, but the radiator hoses were not warm, which concerned( I didn't want to be overheating the engine do to no water going though it) me so I quickly switched off and used a cloth to remove expansion tank cap and the water in there was stone cold  :unsure:


 To be honest I feel a bit of a ****, I had everything else done, fuel filter, air filter, oil and oil filter, spark plugs, pollen filter all the main stuff to get it though the MOT, but no that wasn't good enough for Mr Smart **** :oops:

In Topic: Anti Freeze & Fuel Filter

13 September 2013 - 10:14 PM

 Ok, I've got 2 hours in the morning to get this done, as it's booked for an MOT( I didn't have this trouble with my mates Corsa, just filled through expansion tank and self bleed), so let me try and make a quick list to see if I have this correct.


  •  I need to get the heater hose off
  • Fill through heater hose till it comes out of engine block(according to Haynes manual) then refit hose
  • Then fill expansion tank?

In Topic: Anti Freeze & Fuel Filter

13 September 2013 - 08:14 PM

 Ok had to give up tonight as I'm having a nightmare refilling the system to flush. I tried flushing by filling through expansion tank, but got worried as the engine was getting hot and temp gauge going up, but the hoses to the radiator were not and the water in the expansion tank was cold. So looked in the Haynes manual and it says about filling the 1.6 from the heater hose at the back of the engine, but I'm having trouble getting the clamp of as it's one of those annoying ones you have to pinch with pliers and the best part is some wise guys fitted it so the bit you need to pinch is facing down slightly. Can any of you help me out and explain to me why the 1.6 says it needs to be filled in this manner or if I just did something wrong when trying to flush through the expansion tank?

In Topic: Anti Freeze & Fuel Filter

02 September 2013 - 05:43 PM

One way to tell is check the colour of the coolant...either red or blue.

 Do you mean if it's organic or non organic? The stuff in the car at the moment is a orangy red colour so I'm assuming it's the motorcraft super 2000.