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In Topic: center console

19 August 2009 - 02:50 PM

can any one tell me how to remove the bottom part of the center console. its the bit that gose round the gear sick and the boot relase button, heated seats and the cup holder. also dose any one know if the boot release button will fit in the hole for the heated seats. i want to put a small screen in the area wear the boot relase button is for parking sensors.


spin the gearnob off anti clockwise and then you should be able to remove the gaiter and gaiter surround (the chrome trim bit) by lifting up lightly. From there on there are just a few tabs that hold the remaining surround in. again just pull at these gently starting from the bottom and it should come away.

I replaced my gaiter and it was dead easy. Just take your time and be gentle. (p.s i didnt need any tools)

good luck

In Topic: mk 3 tdci 130 vibration over front left and centre

19 August 2009 - 02:47 PM

Only owned for few weeks now, came over from vauxhall diesel, since had it in july it has had a full service, and flew through M.O.T.
Found the tensioner pulley / crankshaft pulley makes a noise, worse when cold, and quitens if you raise the revs, which i will deal with when some more funds come in.
The problem im having at moment is that if im driving along say in any gear but doing under 2000 rpm it has an anoyiny vibration coming around the front left quarter of the vechile, only happens when driving in these conditions and at any speed say 5th gear under 2000 rpm or 2nd gear under 2000rpm, if i floor it around all the doesnt happen.....?
Any suggestions where i should be looking would be great...?
It wouldnt be related to my tensioner pulley problems would it...?

Ive been doing a little digging on this and there is a post somewhere that mentions an intake hitting a front cross member that causes the vibration - one or two have stuffed this area with foam and noticed improvements

Check here: http://www.fordmondeo.org/forum/showtopic.php?tid/743648/