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Focus Diesel

17 June 2011 - 08:50 AM

I have a 1999 Focus some of you here may be familiar with :rolleyes: I have posted a few problems (boot no longer works, losing oil, high petrol consumption) and I have decided to buy a newer car. Because I like the drive, shape and feel of a Focus( Eccept for the obvious problems) I was thinking of a Focus Diesel but would like more advice of what kind to go for. Would a 1.6 be economical or are there others that are better ?


Why I Don't Like My Focus.

18 May 2011 - 07:22 PM

Since I bought this 1.6 1999 Focus 2 years ago it has cost me the earth to run. It guzzles petrol and oil. I have been told that they need topping up all the time with oil. There are no leaks or anything but my Peugeot 106 never needed a single top up between changes. My Peugeot had a small rust spot that hasn't got any bigger in 10 years (my Mum now has it) . In 2 years my Focus wheel arch has bubbled and rusted looking unsightly. The boot lock no longer works (from the key or the button on the dash). For some reason when I am driving, the petrol gauge display the next time I drive the car is always lower than when I last drove it. The mileometer sometimes re-sets itself back to zero with no warning.

All in all after the 2 years experience I can say it is a nice, comfortable car to drive and reliable to start but it is sooooooo expensive to run and badly made (rust etc) I will never buy another Ford again. I have had an Escort and Fiesta a few years ago and they both rusted badly too.

Boot Lock Stuck

21 February 2011 - 11:25 PM

yesterday I had trouble shutting the boot so I gave it a good slam. It shut ok and at my destination I opened it ok. A day later I come to open it and turn the key. Nothing. I try to open it from the button above the dash which sounds like it is opening with the usual clicking sound and again nothing.

Is there a way I can open it from inside the boot by pulling the seat back ? It's a Ford Focus 1.6 1999 5 door model. Also the rubber ring around the boot lock itself has broken off (nothing to do with the lock problem) and it looks unsightly. Can I get another ?