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#78591 Ford Fusion Brake Light Help

Posted by pete121 on 20 April 2010 - 03:39 PM

Yep that is exactly how to access them...bit fiddly...use care as once they are undone you have a 'ball and socket' type stud to release which, if I remember rightly is near the top...I found a wide bladed screwdriver, wrapped in a rag, between the body and lens, applying a fair bit of pressure ....will release the unit...you then have a connector to release which can be, and is adviseably, released before you start (behind boot lining near to the lower of the torx screws). You then have the bulb assembly to separate from the lens...which can also be fiddly....nothing is straight forward on any car these days....good luck...you'll need it!.....oh a small tip.... connect up the lamp assembly before reassembling everything...and check everything works properly 1st....could save you some time in case you have a duff bulb, as happened to me!