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In Topic: Omex rev limiter problems.

05 January 2010 - 04:10 PM

yeah, sorry, bit o bad england there...

my local motor factors...good lads there :)

hope you have gooden too!

right change dthe coil pack, leads and plugs and its still not right.

i unplugged the lambda sensor and unplugge dthe throttle body sensor and it runs EXACLY the same....which makes me wonder if it infact runninf a closed circit (limp home mode) a sit seems to be ignoring its sensors?

there is no engine light on the dash so i dont know for certain.

does the 97 acuturly have limp home mode?

but its all over the shop.

any ideas?


In Topic: Omex rev limiter problems.

02 January 2010 - 11:27 PM

honda is much longer story....but if you have misfire, you need to start with, plugs, coil pack and leads.

For 55quid, could get you brand new coil and leads from me motor factors!

i see,

me motor factors?

In Topic: Omex rev limiter problems.

02 January 2010 - 11:09 PM

won't really do what its meant to....

and as you seem to have proved, it buggers ya HT system! :lol:

yeah, sounds like either coil or leads....how much did you pay on ebay?

They not that expensive, and with HT stuff, you can't be sure they are good 2nd hand.

I got same problem with a mates honda at the mo, coil pack replaced few months ago by mechanic (2nd hand) and I think its gone wrong again!

ah, thats a bugger.

i paid 55

the coil pack ive bought is off a braker and he assure sit was broke the other day and tested before it was broken for spares.

did your mate with his coil pack have the same problems/symtons as me?


In Topic: Omex rev limiter problems.

02 January 2010 - 07:02 PM

ok, done loada research on this limiter....so Spitfire you owe me!!!

We need to know first if you have a four wire or three wire Omex Clubman rev limiter??

You need the 4 wire.

Also, this little box is designed to work INSTEAD of your standard limiter as its designed for modified vehicles....bot just a car with a back box and KnN, I mean rally cars and track cars!

It is used when the ECU limiter is not good enough and has been disconnected or removed.

Otherwise it will do sod all.

or as in your case when not fitted correctly, mess about with the car coz the ECU is trying to fight it!!

Got to ask...did you know much about it before you spent 50 quid!?!

hi mate,

yea cheers,

its a 4 wire omex clubman.

fitted it for a laugh wanted it for the sound and it worked well- and seriosly it does work.

however the unit ha sbeen revomed completley and the car has the same symtoms?? misfireing through the rev range..ive been told that it could be the plug leads/coil pack

so i got both off a breaker off ebay as need the car for tuesday afternoon.

to give yo an idea this is a 1.3 endura engine with it on, and seems to work fine on it:


In Topic: Omex rev limiter problems.

01 January 2010 - 05:28 PM

how does it make the engine hit the limiter harder and faster??!?!

Is it supposed to make the engine rev faster??

I don't get the purpose of it?!?!?!?! :huh:

or the idea of one on a standard 1.25!! :lol:

but could you explain it a little more then I may be able to help!

How much did it cost and where from???

its basicly a aftermarket unit that you T of the limiter wires from the coil pack and the unit ha sits own earth and can be ajusted how hard the car can hit the limiter.

got it off ebay off a bloke for 55 there about 150 usaly.