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Wet footwells?

03 January 2010 - 06:45 PM

hi all,
been noticing recently in thsi cold rainy weather that my footwells are getting soaked?

like today it took a bin liner full of tissue to dry them out!

i dont have a clue where its comming from though? i checked all under the dash and none of that is wet or anything, so the heater valve isnt leaking i dont think...and the coolent leve is around the same i last looked at it.

any ideas?


Omex rev limiter problems.

31 December 2009 - 06:21 PM

hi all,
bought an aftermarket rev limiter for the fiesta and it came today and i fitted it.

the syestem works by going off the 3 wires that come out of the coil (T them)pack and the unit uses it own earth to make it hit the limiter harder faster...and is fully ajustable.

now scince this limiter has been on the engine dosent like idoling and keeps tryimg to die and between 2-4k is VERY violent and jerky?

now its a rev limiter surly it shoudlent effect the management system as it only 'piggy backs; it as such?

any advise is much apriciated.

car is a mk4 z-tecs 1.25.


Turboing a 1.25 z-tec S.

21 December 2009 - 03:27 PM

Hi all,

i think ill be Turboing my fiesta pretty soon.

Now i was going to get the stock cast iron manafold (about 30 buy) and use the cat square flush mounting point and weld up my own face off plate to fit the turbo to it.

now thats proberbly the easy bit....

i was wondering about the compression ratio on this engine? im not goint to bother to put low comp pistons in there, if it comes to it ill get an oversized head gasket.

as for the airbox and that, i will obviosly get rid of it and re-locate the battery to the boot.

as for the turbo i supose id use sommthing like a reno5 turbo, or punto tubo ir somthing similar.

now this isnt the best engine to do it on i know as the manafold is at the rear of the engine :blink: but has anyone else on here done it before?

i was also wondering where would i get my oil feed from for the turbo? would it have to be electronic or cold i tap in to one of the engines oil feeds?

any help much apriciated...cheers

Blue sidelight?

12 December 2009 - 07:11 PM

hi all,

are blue sidlights legal or not?

just fitted some to the fezza and looks real nice.

just wondering if i can be pulle dfor it?


Comunity police officers,

07 December 2009 - 11:56 AM

hi all,

i was wondering if anyone knew the ins and outs of comunity support officers as regards to motorisits?

i was followed by one yesterday for quite a while....i indicated in to my turing and they did the same (so i knew they were following me). now as far as i know they done have the blue flashing lisghts on there skoda things so cant pull you over. am i right?

as im fairly sure they were going to follow me untill i stopped,but i lost them n traffic.it turns out later on that day they were at my house asking for me and when they found i wasnt in they said we'll be back next week?

now the fiesta has been lowerd...alloys...pipe etc on it, so they like to pull me.

anyone shed any light on the matter?