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Fiesta quickclear stopped working

01 December 2009 - 11:07 AM

Hi everyone,

Brr it was so chilly this morning. Today I went out to find a rather heavy frost on my car, and I just couldnt clear the front windscreen. I had used de-icer on the outside, but the quickclear appears to have stopped working. There were no signs of it working at all. I tried with or without the a/c with no difference.

The back windscreen (not quickclear) cleared fine using the same method and the heating elements were working. Am wondering if the fuse has blown, but I would have throught the back screen or the wipers would stop working too.

Any suggestions (other than park the car in a garage) :rolleyes:


Rattles from underneath my Fiesta

09 July 2009 - 10:05 AM

:unsure: I am worried about my Fiesta.

Last week I had the front break pads changed on my 05 Diesel Ghia. All was fine until a few days later i started hearing a metal rattle from the front end of the car (like the noise of a coin in a tin can), whenever i drove over a pothole of speedbump.

That noise went after a couple of days and was replaced with a louder rattle from underneath (again only when i went over a bump). If i accelerate in the 'wrong' gear the engine makes a rumble as well as the diesel chug. I assumed that I had lost a clip off the exhaust, but the garage have checked it and says it all looks fine, exhaust is firmly attached and theres nothing obviously out of place.

There is nothing in the boot, and the spare wheel is firmly secured down.

Any ideas? The garages cant find anything, but the car sounds awful when i drive over a bump and am getting a bit paranoid.