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In Topic: Another Battery Light Issue!

Today, 05:44 PM

13,7v running means a smart charge issue check the fuses in the engine bay as the smart charge has a fuse if thats all okay then ide get it into ford as it will need checked by someone who knows what they are doing heres some help http://www.petercoop...rt_charging.htm


as it says the alternator would be suspect is it the right type of battery.....silver calcium if its not it wont work

In Topic: Advice Needed - Coolant In Core Plugs - Car Currently With Ford

Today, 05:42 PM

its not a head gasket i agree with youre mechanic one of the core plugs wasnt fitted properly as for the washers you wont be able to tell if they are leaking an easy fix is open the bonnet and the square hole the washer sits in just cover the whole underside of it in silicone both sides or get a volvo engine cover which wont cure it but stop the water getting to the plugs



In Topic: K&n 57s-4000

Today, 03:31 AM

From tests the k and n restricts more particles the green cotton restricts less but gives better airflow both are the top choice but if you plan to do high miles the green cotton will let more particles into the engine

In Topic: Spray And Bumpers, Big Job!

Yesterday, 08:17 PM

No you need different eings lights and bonnet to fit a mk2.5 front bumper

In Topic: Wheels Making Contact With Body

01 August 2015 - 10:40 PM

That's not right theres a suspension issue there somewhere strut top mounts a bearing out