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In Topic: Focus Engine Revving By Itself

Today, 03:25 AM

No need for all that the idle control valves the first thing to check on the mk1 if its gone the car will do exactly what it I now

In Topic: Focus Mk2 Weight Reduce

Today, 02:27 AM

The 1.4 is awful in the focus if you're trying to reduce weight for better pick up then to be blunt you'll have to remove pretty much everything even then it wont make much difference sorry if its not what you want to hear

In Topic: Wing Mirror Trim?

Yesterday, 01:33 PM

Silicone the sods on they can leak water into the car by the way so get some good sealant park it next to a wall or fence silicone around the fittings pop into place then use something between wall n trim to keep it held in place.....the sun distorts then anyway so buying new ones can be a false economy

In Topic: Overfull Engine Oil Or Ok?

Yesterday, 01:30 PM

Depends on the engine my oil level is between min and max when cold as the book says it should be

In Topic: Engine Additives

Yesterday, 01:28 PM

I just use what ford use forte duel system cleaner does the job reasonably well