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In Topic: Dtc Code 9202 Fuel Sender Open Circuit What Does This Mean?

Today, 12:39 AM

Possibly a fuse at worst the fuel sender needs replaced hard to tell with a generic code

In Topic: Brake Service Interval

Today, 12:32 AM

Ooooo bitchy

Its 2 years sorry to disappoint 😁 so its definitely due for renewal can't take chances with brakes for obvious reasons

In Topic: Aircon Intervals For Focus?

Today, 12:29 AM

Given theres 2 different systems in use the standard pump which cycles on and off or the vss variable pump which doesn't and runs continuously IDE imagine theres different service recommendations for each even at 3 years the vss pump has plenty of gas left I do the cabin filter myself and an antibac clean as well once a year ford recommend replacing the drier experts dont so like all servicing its up to each person

In Topic: Focus Mk3 1.0l Ecoboost - Knocking - Bad Fuel?

Yesterday, 08:31 PM

the ti vct ecoboost will benefit from 99 ron on the old mk2 ti vct i have you can run 95 but optimum performance it states on the fuel filler premium premuim plus or super plus

In Topic: Aircon Intervals For Focus?

Yesterday, 05:24 PM

Strangely enough http://www.honestjoh...ir-conditioning

From the owners handbook

It I necessary to keep you're air conditioning functioning correctly and ensure it is in optimum condition therefore a service is recommended 3 years from the date of registration then every 2 years after that it is also necessary to have the cabin filter replaced annually