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In Topic: Covex Headlights

Yesterday, 09:37 PM

they do look good on as you say its a shame

In Topic: Clutch Biting Point

Yesterday, 09:36 PM

even after a new clutch the bite point settles up high no idea why ford do it that way to be honest but its nothing to worry about unless you put the foot down and the revs go up but the speed doesnt

In Topic: 2006 1.6 Ti Vct Cam Variator Problems.

Yesterday, 06:26 PM

yeah thats true i just ordered a new locking nut key from mcgaurd ford price £46.00 mcgard the manufacturers price including shipping from abroad £13.00

In Topic: Covex Headlights

Yesterday, 11:09 AM

waste of time and money covex is similar to flyeye tint in that the tint is made up of holes to allow the light through from experience heres the 2 issues with both now my mate had covex i had flyeye .


the covex he had to have professionally fitted and it did look smart however once winter hit the crud off the roads would stick in the holes as you were driving and from the heat of the lens bake on the result was youre light output went down and down so bad that on a 15 minute drive he had to get out and clean them as he couldnt see i had the same issue with the flyeye and despite what they say trying to remove the stuff does damage the lens in the end my mate had to buy two new headlights for his astra bertone


unless youre going to swap youre headlights over during winter i honestly wouldnt bother i got my money back for the flyeye but he wanted positive feedback which i didnt give him covex was less helpfull they just said its the design and that they dont state that it cant reduce light output in certain conditions this was what they said Any use of tinting films on headlights, indicators and fog lamps is done so at the driver’s own risk.

In Topic: 2006 1.6 Ti Vct Cam Variator Problems.

Yesterday, 10:58 AM

you have to change both pulleys as theres no way of knowing which one is faulty so both need to be replaced