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Headlight Wire

17 September 2014 - 11:07 PM

Okay guys ive got some leds im wiring up but to come on when the headlights come on i had a diagram from an old post on here of what headlight switch wire to tap into but ive lost it so any help would be appreciated

Osram Cool Blue Intense

25 March 2014 - 08:09 PM

after reading so many posts about these bulbs i bit the bullet and bought them and i have to be honest guys they arent what i expected from the reviews i use these bulbs http://www.ebay.co.u...=item4d08688f4c


which i have to say are as bright but much whiter than the osrams and since ive had them over a year will likely last even longer yet for the price of the osrams i got that entire kit which has all passed an mot the only change is the sidelights which were replaced with diamond white ones the osrams are still yellow compared to the above bulbs


not a fan and they certainly dont prove that a brand name is better im going back to my old bulbs and sending the osrams back

Dpf Removal The Truth

17 February 2014 - 06:05 PM

theres been lots of debate on this subject so i got in touch with robert goodwill the head of the department for transport who got vosa to contact me and inform me of this


We are aware of the weakness of the visual inspection for the presence of a DPF which in the main is due to the limitations of the current legislation this however will undergo rapid changes very soon.


It should be noted however that the current recommendations are just the starting point to alert both the industry and motorists more widely that having a DPF removed is illegal and penalties are to be imposed for those found to not have one fitted.


We know that those companies intent on carrying on offering dpf removal services will try to "cover their tracks" through various means trying to ensure the removal goes undetected by visual inspection therefore teaters at present are being ordered to do a simple tap test on the dpf where it cannot be accessed the benefit of the doubt will be given however this also will be changing .The department for transport have assured us that they are continuing to examine what legally practical and viable options are available to ensure that dpf removals are halted and those who have had them removed will have to have them refitted make no mistakes as stated it will be the case that if it is not fitted where it should be as standard we shall find out through various means that are due to be implemented in the very near future this warning is for those who have had the dpf removed to have it refitted now before the changes come into force.


Mk3 Faults Known And Recalls So Far

13 February 2014 - 07:21 PM

07-08-2011: Complaint of badly fitted nearside doors and DAB radio not staying on station.

29-1-2012: Complaint that stop/start function not working on 1.6 Ecoboost that regularly does 300 mile runs.

17-3-2012: One complaint of a sticking clutch pedal
on a 10,000 mile 2011 1.6TDCI. At first thought to be due to a faulty
return spring, but persisted so probably due to a lazy clutch slave

4-7-2012: Complaint of synchromesh failure on 5th gear of 6,000 mile 1.6 Ecoboost. At the time the parts to fix it were "on back order".

18-7-2012: Reports of 1.0 Ecoboost turbo failures
seem to be the result of owners switching the engines off when the
turbos are red hot. These turbos need to be idled for at least 20
seconds before switching off, and longer if the car has just completed a
long ascent or the engine has been revved hard.

21-7-2012: Report that ECU shuts down fuel injection of 2.0TDCI when clutch/DMF 'slip' is detected, preventing quick standing starts.

9-8-2012: 235x40 R18 tyres only last around 11,000 miles, front and back.

16-9-2012: Powershift dual clutch automatic transmission requires fresh fluid every 3 years at a cost of £250.

Report of problems with 115PS 1.6 DV6C diesel engine in Focus
manifested in stuttering and hesitating. F ixed by having 2 PCM updates
and a replacement clutch master cylinder. Apparently also occurs in same
engine designated 'D2' in Volvos.

1-4-2013: One reader suffered faulty stop/start
in 1.6 EcoBoost, but since a sensor was replaced had no further problems
over the following 9 months, so presumed fixed.

7-6-2013: Report of a repeat o/s driveshaft oil
seal leak on a 2011 Focus 1.6 125 petrol model. Fixed once under
warranty, then the replacement leaked and is being replaced again under

1-9-2013: Spate of problems with year old 1.0
EcoBoost. Minor problem of USB connection failing. Major problem of
engine losing coolant due to a cracked expansion chamber which
eventually led to the engine seizing. New engine authorised by Ford.

14-11-2013: Clutch slave cylinder problem can
develop on Focus 1.6 TDCi 115 (DV6C). Reader needed new clutch plates
as a result after 35,000 miles.

16-11-2013: Complaint of juddering of Powershift
transmission at low speed in 2012 Focus 1.6 estate, as if car is trying
to start off in 2nd or 3rd gear. First complaint of Powershift with 1.6
petrol engine. (Not sure if this is a dual wet clutch Powershift or dual
dry clutch Powershift.)

18-12-2013: Clutch failed on 2011 Focus 1.6TDCI
(DV6C). Replaced under warranty, but car came back feeling less lively.
Probably slave cylinder problem. ECU would have been routinely remapped
to latest Ford spec and if the model had been suffering drivetrain
problems then this would have been countered by reducing torque output
slightly in 1st and 2nd to protect the DMF, clutch and transmission.

27-12-2013: Yet another report of leaking clutch
slave cylinder contaminating the DMF and clutch of a 2011 Focus 1.6TDCI
(DV6C) and the clutch, DMF and slave cylinder all being replaced FoC
under warranty.

9-1-2014: Report of clutch and DMF failure on 2012
Focus 1.0 EcoBoost 125 at 10,500 miles. Quoted at £1,700 for
replacement. (Logged here in case of further reports. Not sure if caused
by same slave cylinder problem as 1.6TDCI).

11-1-2014: Powershift transmissions require a
change of fluid and microfilter every 3 years or 3rd service whichever
comes first. This is essential maintenance. To avoid excessive wear of
the twin oil clutches it is also essential to avoid sitting in 'D' at a
standstill. Change to 'N'. It's easy to shift between 'D' and 'N' and
between 'N' and 'D' with a Powershift because, unlike a VAG DSG, you
don't have to stamp on the footbrake to do this.


Ford Recalls by VIN: Ford Recalls

December 2012: Ford in the USA announced a
voluntary recall of about 73,000 2013 Ford Escape (Ford Kuga II in
the UK) and 16,000 2013 Ford Fusion cars fitted with the 1.6 EcoBoost
turbocharged engines.

Ford officials in the USA confirmed that they are still investigating
the causes of reported overheating and fluid leakages and how the fires
then result. As of today, they have not yet identified the cause.

The cause for the fires is believed to be a leakage of fluid onto hot
surfaces adjacent to the engine that result in an engine fire. So far,
slightly more than a dozen fires have been reported with the Escape and
the Fusion in the USA. In Europe, less than a dozen unexplained engine
fires have been reported.

Ford initiated the recall as a precautionary measure to get these
1.6L equipped vehicles off the road until they are able to identify the
cause(s), develop a remedy and make those repairs.

American Escape (Kuga II) and Fusion owners need to call Ford at
1-866-436-7332 (or call their dealer) to confirm their vehicle is
involved and arrange alternate transportation until their vehicle can be

This is the fourth recall of the 2013 Escape (Kuga II) since its heavily promoted launch a few months ago.

Ford has issued a recall campaign number 12S41 for this event and the
National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has
assigned their number 12V55100 to the case.

It is important to note that this recall does not involve the other
engines (2.5L or 2.0L EcoBoost) in the 2013 Escape (Kuga II) or the 2013


What Next

11 February 2014 - 04:07 PM

well guys its official a smoking ban in cars by 2015 in england and wales.........

whilst as i smoker i never smoke in the car anyway i still say i cant agree on this law and heres why


the government has no right to tell any individual what you can or cant do in youre own private place youre car is private now last i looked the government didnt pay my insurance servicing or road tax nor did they buy my car so what gives them the right to tell me what i can or cant do.....smokers with kids should use common sense and not do it anyway but thats there choice think about it will it stop there?


already the government has moved to try and stop modifications to cars hid lights are illegal and now on the mot to be checked for markings washers levellers etc youre exhaust must not be overly loud compared to standard you cant smoke in youre car where will the nanny state stop?