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Spoke Too Soon

14 February 2015 - 04:54 PM

Following an issue I required a new battery sound simple really with no time to spare my local dealer checked it out 600cca motorcraft battery £98.73 fitted so booked it in and left it whilst we went food shopping 2 mins away picked it up half you later and thought IDE check it...........found a tiny 390cca battery under the lid no manufacturer of batteries recommends 390cca with a heated windscreen even the parts guy said you need bigger so took it back and told them that's not what I paid for and you took the money for the bigger battery the master tech said you can't fit anything else in there's no space......never heard such rubbish I told him all batteries are around 242mm long x175x175 for a 500 cca upwards and the focus can take up to 273mm so rubbish he huffed and puffed and argued i was wrong i told him its kind of pointless companies making batteries that wont fit ive checked what will fit already bosch yausa and exide all state the same cca all the same size ill try to fit it in he moaned

2hours later that's it done but the lid on the battery box wont close the battery Is too big he stated a 500cca motorcraft silver battery well it would if they hadn't bent the removable front 2 thumps in the right place it popped into position turns out they have no idea that if you remove the airbox and take the front off the tray you've got all the room you need they tried squeezing the battery in the gap between the scuttle panel oh and they broke my flip key as well not a happy bunny first bad experience with my local dealer ever......how the hell can a master tech not know what battery to fit and how to fit it so always check wonder how many cars are running around with the wrong battery

Strange Headlight Behaviour

05 February 2015 - 08:32 PM

Well summats finally went wrong with the car and I'm puzzled.

When starting the car after its been left all night the headlights briefly flash on then instantly go off again all lights work fine no flickering all interior and rear lights are also fine battery voltage is low 9.3volts as the cars starting yet no battery fault engine running 14.4-14.5v im thinking the battery has had it but I've never had these symptoms with the headlights.
Open to any thoughts guys

Merry Xmas

25 December 2014 - 12:22 AM

A merry xmas to all you guys

Penalty Points For From Today

08 December 2014 - 11:15 AM

New offences

The new offences that will now draw penalty points include:

  • Failure by learner or novice drivers to display L plates or N plates respectively on their cars;
  • Drivers breaking a ban on U-turns;
  • Breaking rules on the use of mini roundabouts;
  • Offences relating to the size and weight of larger vehicles;
  • Going beyond no-entry to vehicles signs;
  • Disobeying traffic control signs;
  • and driving without a licence plate or with one that has been altered inaccurately.

Offences that will now face a change to the number of penalty points they now carry will include:

  • Driving without a test certificate; 
  • Dangerous parking;
  • Failure to keep to the left-hand side of the road;
  • Dangerous overtaking;
  • Driving across the road’s middle line;
  • Failure to stop for a stop sign;
  • Failure to yield at a yield sign or yield line;
  • Not following traffic signs at junctions;
  • Driving through traffic lights;
  • and breaking of speed restrictions.

Smart Charge Testing And Description

06 December 2014 - 01:33 AM

Theres a lot of topics on smart charge so this is a guide to testing the system and how it works

First things first, check the battery, not just condition, but correct type. A lead acid battery will not work properly with smart charge, it must be Silver Calcium! Easy to over look.

Next, put a meter across the battery. Remember when you remove the smart charge 3 pin plug from the back of the alternator, it reverts to a conventional alternator! If you do not have about 13.8 volts, carry out basic charging system checks and suspect the alternator, its not a smart charge fault !

Correct charge voltage from the alternator, then its time to start on the smart charge system, and you will need a scope. First the system.

Pin 1 = Alternator Feedback

Pin 2 = Alternator Load Request

Pin 3 = Reference Voltage

Now, pin3, must MATCH battery voltage ! Its fed from a fuse in the CJB, and a high resistance on the fuse contacts causes a volt drop, and the smart charge drops out !

Next pin 1 & 2 need checking back to the PCM for resistance, isolation from ground and each other. If ok, its out with the scope.

Pin 2 is the request from the PCM to the alternator. This will be a square wave pattern that will change with load request. So lights, screens etc on and monitor for a change in the pattern. (Obviously back probing with the plug connected)

No change in the pattern means no request from the PCM, you should now suspect a PCM fault. Correct pattern and move on.

Pin 1 is the feedback from the alternator and MUST remain a constant square wave pattern. If this pattern mirrors the one on pin 2, the smart charge part of the alternator is faulty, and a new unit is required.

With these simple checks, you should always be able to diagnose a smart charge fault.

Another point to add is, never, ever, jump start a Smart Charge vehicle with a flat battery.

The system can produce up to 18 volts, which can fry major modules.

The theory behind smart charge, is a battery will take a charges at its most efficient when its cold. Following start up, the PCM checks the Engine coolant temp, and intake air temp, and calculates a cold engine. It will then boost the battery charge, pulling it back as it calculates the under bonnet temp coming up. Its not there to compensate high demand as is the common misconception.

The problem comes on a jump start, when the PCM sees a cold engine, and then a poor battery condition, and can then instantly zap out about 18 volts because its trying to recover the battery. Unfortunately this sudden surge can cook modules.