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Focus Mk2 Onwards Rear Strut Mount Replacement

01 September 2015 - 05:37 PM

A quick guide on how to do this couldn't get pics as it was pouring down.

You need
2 strut mounts
Extension bar and ratchet
Axle stands
Wheel key and 19mm socket
10mm socket 13mm socket

1.Obtain 2 strut mounts
2.Loosen off rear wheel nuts
3.Jack up car and place on axle stands
4.Remove the interior boot carpet at each side to get access to the 13mm nut in the centre of the shock remove the nut completely
5.using an extension bar remove the two 10mm bolts up inside the rear turret
6. Now pull the shock downwards this allows you to remove the mount and fit the new one
7.to replace put the two 10 mm bolts back in and leave loose
8.now go into the boot and put the new 13mm nut onto the shock and tighten up fully if its at an odd angle and the socket wont go on get someone to push the shock towards the body and it will straighten up
9.back to those 10mm bolts and tighten fully wheels back on job done


22 August 2015 - 07:40 AM

Okay guys I've got one for you that's got me stumped....

Driving on rough roads there's a distinct metalic knock from the passenger front side if you hit a decent pit hole or manhole cover that's sunk into the road the travel in the suspension is enough that it pulls the abs sensor out yet theres no play in the wheel cant move the strut back or forwards its new wishbones on the front and new bushes steerings tight no floppiness in it and handling is good yet if you turn the steering full lock to the left it knocks as you start turning right turning right to left no noise.

Dealers have been unable to see any issues with the suspension strangely its only happened since the m.o.t was done and no advisories

Wheel Nuts

11 July 2015 - 11:12 AM

Maybe a dumb question guys but I need new wheel nuts again thanks to crappy tyre fitters I have #5 as standard but will it be okay to fit #2 with the floating washer as these have solid heads not those stupid capsAttached File  2010 BMW 320d M-Sport with BMW Performance Power Kit (Space Grey).jpg   47.12KB   37 downloads

Spoke Too Soon

14 February 2015 - 04:54 PM

Following an issue I required a new battery sound simple really with no time to spare my local dealer checked it out 600cca motorcraft battery £98.73 fitted so booked it in and left it whilst we went food shopping 2 mins away picked it up half you later and thought IDE check it...........found a tiny 390cca battery under the lid no manufacturer of batteries recommends 390cca with a heated windscreen even the parts guy said you need bigger so took it back and told them that's not what I paid for and you took the money for the bigger battery the master tech said you can't fit anything else in there's no space......never heard such rubbish I told him all batteries are around 242mm long x175x175 for a 500 cca upwards and the focus can take up to 273mm so rubbish he huffed and puffed and argued i was wrong i told him its kind of pointless companies making batteries that wont fit ive checked what will fit already bosch yausa and exide all state the same cca all the same size ill try to fit it in he moaned

2hours later that's it done but the lid on the battery box wont close the battery Is too big he stated a 500cca motorcraft silver battery well it would if they hadn't bent the removable front 2 thumps in the right place it popped into position turns out they have no idea that if you remove the airbox and take the front off the tray you've got all the room you need they tried squeezing the battery in the gap between the scuttle panel oh and they broke my flip key as well not a happy bunny first bad experience with my local dealer ever......how the hell can a master tech not know what battery to fit and how to fit it so always check wonder how many cars are running around with the wrong battery

Strange Headlight Behaviour

05 February 2015 - 08:32 PM

Well summats finally went wrong with the car and I'm puzzled.

When starting the car after its been left all night the headlights briefly flash on then instantly go off again all lights work fine no flickering all interior and rear lights are also fine battery voltage is low 9.3volts as the cars starting yet no battery fault engine running 14.4-14.5v im thinking the battery has had it but I've never had these symptoms with the headlights.
Open to any thoughts guys