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Diesel Mk3 Juddering At 2000 Revs

07 May 2014 - 12:10 PM

I have a 54 reg 2.0TDCI Mondeo and I've noticed in the last week or so it seems to be juddering at about 2000 revs. I even think (although I may have pressed the clutch/break) that it casued the cruise control to switch off as happens when you break or press the clutch.


It's not a major problem - doesn't happen all the time but I don't know if it's something to be concerned about? It had a new EGR valve recently - could it be related?


Increased Mpg Makes No Difference?

30 January 2014 - 10:34 AM

I have a 54 Mondeo TDCI. I have had for a while my mpg about 57-58 and am getting about 620-650 miles out of the tank.

 However, my mpg is now up to 59.4 and I'm getting about 580 miles - same journeys, same style of driving but quite a big difference. Anyone know why?

12V Socket Issue

09 January 2014 - 09:56 AM

I have a Mk3 Mondeo and I regularly use a USB lead to charge my phone, which I use for satnav. For a while this worked great and the phone would charge whilst the sat nav was in use. However recently the phone will charge, but when I have satnav on too, it drains the battery rather than charging or even holding the charge.


I tried different USB cables and 12v to usb connector and still have the same issue. I know it's not the phone as I tried it successfully in my wife's Skoda.


Any idea what might be the problem? Faulty fuse?

Faulty Boot Door

06 January 2014 - 01:34 PM

I have a 54reg Mondeo and for the last few weeks the boot door has not been staying open. When I open it, it just drops down and closes - I have to hold it open.


Any idea how to fix this? I can't see any obvious screws etc to tighten.

Rasping Noise At Certain Revs

07 November 2013 - 11:03 AM

I have a 2004 2.0 TDCI Mondeo.


It was making a deepish raspy noise at about 1,700 revs, which I mentioned to the garage when it went in for a recent service. The noise seemed to be around for a few months and then would go for a while, before returning. Related or not, the garage said I needed a new timing belt and pulley. The noise was around for a few days after and then went, but is now back. When I accelerate, and the revs are at about 1,700 it gives this raspy noise until I increase or decrease the revs.


IS this just the noise of a diesel engine or should I be taking the car back to the garage?