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Timing Chain Mk3, Does It Need Changing (1.8-2.0 Petrol)?

24 July 2015 - 05:36 PM

I have read that they need changing at 120,000 miles (Mk 3- 2.0-1.8 Petrol) but also that there are some that have done a lot more miles without being changed. How many miles have you done on the original chain?
Has anyone had a petrol chain snap?

Mk3 Clutchs

05 July 2015 - 02:12 PM

I am going to look at a MK3 2.0 Ghia 2003, 241000 klm (150,000 miles) on the clock (most likley to have been clocked) It's a Swiss import. What are the clutches like on the petrol models? Will the clutch have been changed at this many Klm? I heard the diesels could be a problem, because of the torque? Do the pertol ones last well and if they start to become noisy, then how long before it must be replaced (I know they are expensive)? I only did, on average, 5000 klm (3000 miles) per year for the last 4 years, in my Escort. It seemed like a lot more because I did a lot of driving in rush hour traffic. I hope some people have expirence of this sudject and can pass the info on. :)

P.S. Any other problems that I should know about with this model?