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#517705 Volvo V50 Brakes Onto Focus Mk1? (non S T)

Posted by ford focus edge on 31 August 2015 - 08:42 AM

I've come to an ST170 from an audi A4 turbo and find the brakes cack too so personally i wouldn't bother upgrading to them unless you really want rear discs in which case just rob a set of a 2.0 zetec or ghia. 


Just go for upgraded discs and pads black diamond were great on my 300bhp st (2008 mk2.5) the fade only really came in once they had took some serious punishment where as the standard ford ones could stop you from ***mph ONCE.

#271732 Ford Music Box

Posted by ford focus edge on 30 June 2013 - 05:46 PM

thanks guys i used the guide link to get the part number of the box and googled that tracked it down to a ford parts site and got it all delivered for 84 quid.


i found that most places called it a cable assembly too! 


Will be using the thread later to install thanks folks!

#251923 Making The Focus More Sporty.

Posted by ford focus edge on 14 April 2013 - 08:22 AM

Personally id go for the darker zetec head lights, tinted rear glass, lower it rougly 20=30mm wouldnt go as far as changing bumpers etc thats when costs start to spiral but id deffo go for the mondeo titanium-x 18" alloys there so much classier than wacking st wheels on a non st car (sorry dont mean to tread on anyone's feet there) 




Looks different yet nice granted there a bit hammered but with some love car and a refurb theyd be sweeeet 

#111405 Dpf Removal

Posted by ford focus edge on 27 January 2011 - 10:14 AM

Sorry if this offends anyone here but i cant get the mental image of a full on chavy scouser coming out going "wheres this focus then lads" whilst reving up an angle grinder :P

#92014 Interior Parts Needed :)

Posted by ford focus edge on 08 August 2010 - 10:09 PM

Yeah me too with scrappies - if you f*** something up who cares, its not your car lol :)

HAAA man after my own heart lol i went in once for some rear light screws and was in a shockingally bad mood with the car i was "operating" on because someone had robed the gas struts that hold the boot open so i just got a hammer n smashed the hell out of the rear light for the sake of 3 screws a tad extreme yes but i did trap my hand in the boot about 4 times. Remember one time watching what looked like a rugby player walk in with a sledge hammer would of loved to see what he was upto haha

#87106 My New Car

Posted by ford focus edge on 05 July 2010 - 05:03 PM

Bloomin hell what insurance company are u with?? :o Im 23 years old with a clean licence and im paying 1650 a year 3rd party fire and theft on a X reg 1.8 Zetec Focus. :( . That was by far the cheapest on all the compare sites and its with Quinn direct.
I was trying to get a 2.2 litre Vecta sri but they wouldnt even quote me a price and the few that did were at least 2500 :blink: . Hope it goes down after my first full year of driving.

R diesels cheaper to insure?? Ive just never fancied one as there normally slower accelerating and sound terrible. U cant beat the roar of a powerful petrol engine. My dads got a 2.5 V6 Mondeo Zetec.S and u should hear the growl off the V6 when accelerating.

Disels are as fast as if not faster than most petrol cars in gear as in 30-60 but yeah tbh they sound chod lol my dads got the 3.0 st220 and bugger me sideways that thing lets u no its coming.

On the vectra front though there expensive the astra 1.8 16v is just about as fast but cheaper to insure and buy not that i ever considered a vectra being only 19 :rolleyes: COUGH yeah anyway ... how is ur insurance so high for me right this second on my policy to change my 1.6 over to a 115bhp 1.8tdci ghia it would be 1600 with 3 points and 1yrs no claims with all this in my 1.6 edge (group 6 the ghia tdci is group 7) its 950 odd quid a year.

Cheers damien the ghia really is on my "test drive" list when my 2year thing has cleared up on my licence long with the astra coupe chances are il buy the vauxhall then 6months later trade it in for a ford .. lol