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Help Me Please!

11 February 2011 - 11:41 AM

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently doing a project researching the dangers of quiet vehicles - primarily electric and hybrid electric vehicles, which as I'm sure most of you know are becoming ever more common on our roads.

The lack of and characteristic differences in the sound which they emit is of particular detriment to the blind, the elderly, children and cyclists. Research using US accident data found that during some maneuvers (mainly low speed driving and reversing) a EV or HEV is twice as likely as an IC vehicle to be involved in a collision with a pedestrian.

We're designing a system which creates synthetic sounds through a set of speakers which will be fitted onto the front of a quiet vehicle - with an emphasis on safety rather than making it sound like a spaceship which most other research groups/manufacturers seem to be doing!

If you could be so kind, please follow this link ---> http://www2.warwick....evws/evaluation and rate the 6 video and sound clips that we've created. It'll take no more than 5 minutes I promise but you'll need some speakers or headphones to take part.

If it helps, it's MY FORD FIESTA in the video!

Thank you for reading this and completing the evaluation! :)

If you've got any comments or questions feel free to ask away.