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03 March 2011 - 09:19 PM

Driving to work tuesday morning fushion automatic suddenly lost power and started to slow down dispite foot full down on accelerator.Then full power came back.Then okay all day weds.then when on my way home from work started to go a bit sluggish then okay then just came to a complete stop. no power warning light came on, automatic transmisson failure.Then nothing completley dead.Towed to a ford garage told new gear box ...For a ridiculas price [more than the car is worth ]
53 plate.have been told by friend in motor trade that problem not gear box but actuators please help. anybody have a simular problem or advice they can give me.

I've had the same problem for a couple of year, first thing to do is clean all the contacts on the actuators, sometimes they miss a signal and shut the car down. They can be seen on the front of the gearbox bottom right of engine. If that dosen't do it check the wires for a break. If all else fails its the actuators, unfortunatly cleaning them out solves the problem for a while but it comes back and you will end up buying new actuators (400). The gearbox is a standard 5 speed ford with the actuator bolted on. Good luck.