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24 February 2015 - 05:04 PM



I can confirm 64GB Kingstons work in the Mobius


I've had one in my front facing wide lense Mobius since August, with my original purchase of a Kingston 32GB in my rear facing standard lense Mobius, no problems with either.


Initial problem I have had was my China Bangood supplied camera came with a faulty battery. They took my word for it [sent photos] and supplied me with a new battery but that took over a month to arrive.


I'll be on the original smaller batteries, and the only problem I found with them was going on holiday for ten days. Come back from abroad popped them back in the car and they would not record. Next time I'm abroad and park at the airport I'll take a mains charger with me and charge them up prior to flying back.


Incidently I've only taken the cameras out of the car the once, as outlined above.


Off top of my head the 64GB was a class 10


Would feel naked [ if you get my drift] if I did not have cameras in the motor


In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

25 October 2014 - 04:26 PM

Thought i'd post an update sent my mobius back & exchanged it new one worked straight away once i'd changed the settings.Strange  :wacko:

Now't strange about it David, you had a faulty battery in the first Mobius.


I'm still awaiting a warranty replacement battery for my B Lense Mobious [it's on it's way] I did not return the Mobius as I did not want to pay shipping to China. Plus I'd drilled two holes in the back of the Mobius, and filed out the rear of the carriage  to allow it to be removed from it's carriage from the back as well as the front. Just in case I wanted to fit it up close to the windscreen, thus making front extraction from the carriage impossible.


My B lense Mobius is running with no problems on the battery from my A lense Mobius, proving the point it was a battery issue and not a camera of charger issue. When the replacement battery comes, the A lense Mobius will be going in the back.

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06 October 2014 - 06:41 PM

Jeez seeing the latter video of that idiot's driving, is a good argument for the case of "bringing back hanging"  :ph34r:


PM sent James, I go on Holiday and your up to your old tricks ,  all joking apart, glad your not seriously hurt mate

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06 October 2014 - 05:37 PM

At my age..................... I'm currently working on staying alive and upto press its working out pretty well :rolleyes:

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06 October 2014 - 04:55 PM

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.


You most likely know I'm running a two cam independently hard wired Mobius setup.


First I bought the A lense Mobius from manufacture via eBay, coupled with a 32GB Kingston card. Been running that since 12th August with no issues. Firmware 1.7 shipped with, then upgraded to 2.10 , and now on the latest 2.18 it works on them all, so I reckon you can discount a problem with the firmware.


Now not long after getting my second Mobius, B lense via Banggood, married to a 64GB Kingston I noticed it would revert to a date 01/01/2012 at times. On the day I set off on a touring holiday, it did not start recording at all, so I pulled up and swopped the A lense from the rear to the  front windscreen. Got down to Wales charged the Mobius B lense on a mains charger, but was still having problems with it, in that you could not rely on it, date changes missed clips, would start on ignition or not in some cases.


Anyaway long story shortish, during that two week trip I swopped the cams on to each others charging converter cables, swopped the min SD cards between cams. The only constants was the A lens cam worked flawlessly with whatever you married it to, and the B lense cam was unreliable on whatever it was married to. That said supprising thing was driving up home to North Yorkshire  from Gloucester on the Saturday about 3.5 hours of driving, and a stop at the services, both cams worked with no problems.Got home updated firmware, no differance, on the Tuesday B lense cam recorded all the journey but the date stamp was wrong again as I found out when I checked it on the Thursday.


Then I got a blue light followed by an altenate red light and so on, it would not button record or switch off and the only way to get the flashing lights to stop would be to reset the Mobius. Anyway on resetting it that last time I noticed it woud not charge on the mains charger, though the light on the mains charge was indicating it was fully charged when it was obvoius it was not charging nor was it charged at all.


Have since been runnig the B lense Mobius on the A Mobius battery no problems.


And today I tested the suspect battery and it initialy showed a voltage of 0.45 volt for a second or two then ZERO. The yellow film covering the soldered contacts came of the battery casing easily and the battery casing itself had the same look you get from near melted plastic ie: uneven surface, and the soldered contacts were both black. As against the A lense battery, its contacts where of a good clean silver appearance and  I was unable to remove the film as it still had its adhesive qualities. Obviously the only conclusion I can draw from those facts is, due to low quality soldered joints the battery heated up and failed.


The Mobius resetting to a date of 01/01/2012 is an indication that the battery is not charging and holding said charge as it should. Try recording a bit of video on a charged Mobius, then disconnect and reconnect the battery and record few seconds of video. The latter video will show 01/01/2012.


Hope the above helps with your problem, I reckon its your battery though.


I have sent an email to Banggood today, explaining the problem with supporting photo's and await a reply from them.