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In Topic: Tailgaters! What Can Be Legally Used To Dissuade The Morons ? Discuss

Today, 09:14 AM

nice one Ian,


but then you would get the morons amoungst us who would know doubt cut you up and have it programmed with a two finger salute. :ph34r:


Trouble is we are dealing with idiots or just plain stupid people in most cases, and the use of message boards would be [in their eyes] that you are questioning their driving prowess .


Now the reality is technology is avaliable today to to produce an onboard safety system that would measure the speed of the car it is installed in and the distance  it is sitting off the rear of the car it is following. Obviously you would have to factor in how long a given situation is in progress. And a base speed where the safety system kicks in [becomes live] or disingages, to allow for situations where vehicles are queueing in slow moving traffic and such.


When the circumstances confirm the car is tailgating it would activate a warning message in the offending vehicle . And if the warning its ignored, the cars is put into safe mode untill the on board data confims a safe  distance is being maintained.


Bit like training a dog really, reward them with a treat, in this case the driver getting control of their car back when they start driving responsibily. Safe breaking applications using the type of in car monitoring that I outline above,  are in use to today in many cars. An example being the new Volvo V40, in regard to people detected in front of the vehicle, or safe auto braking when a low speed collision situation is recognised. [I believe they have got systems that can activate at speeds of upto 30mph in some applications]

In Topic: Dash Cam Dangerous Driving Clips, Should You Be Able To Up Load Evidence To T...

Today, 12:28 AM

A 'Copper on every street corner' is just not practical.


I certainly did not suggest that, why bring it to the debate?

How many people get pulled for seatbelts, phones etc and promptly turn around and say 'haven't you got anything better to do?'
The answer is a firm yes, however while the general public continue to commit 'silly' offences we are still duty bound to deal with them.


What else would you expect to hear from morons who have no regard for their own safey let alone other road users. The "silly offence" as you discribe it of not wearing a seat belt costs 200 lives a year in the UK


In 2012, there was just shy of 25,000 killed or seriously injured on UK roads. For a break down of the stats read this on the ROSPA website The word "Accident" is misleading as the stats show that most of these casualties are caused by people showing a blatent disregard for the traffic regulations in that they drive in a manner that endangers lives.



The Valuation of Road Accidents and Casualties in Great Britain in 2011  reported to the police is costed out at £15.6 billion. How ever the document makes another estimate that including accidents that are not reported to the police the cost rises to £34.8 billion.  That's ball park a third of the cost of running the NHS, could find a bit of brass out of those savings to set up a department viewing evidence of road traffic offences likerly to cause such casualties. 


The last thing we need is s Big Brother culture, (think Stasi/SS/KGB etc,) I certainly would not relish living in such a totalitarian state.


I'd would not consider providing evidence of drivers that drive in a manner that puts other road users at the risk of losing life and limb, and destroying families in the process, as living in a totalitarian state!


There are estimated to be one CCTV camera for every 11 people in the UK. I personally don't object to that as they are used to safeguard the public.


quote the article:


"Effective CCTV schemes are an invaluable source of crime detection and evidence for the police. For example, in 2009 95 per cent of Scotland Yard murder cases used CCTV footage as evidence.”


My vision of a "Totaliterian State "  would be one where "Servants of the State " can get away with murder, where the State harvests all spoken, written, and visual conversations on a population wide basis.


quote the article:


We have become the most spied on nation in the world. Virtually everything we do online, email communications, the websites we visit, is secretly being monitored and stored by the security services. Telephone calls are logged en masse by these agencies and sometimes recorded, while computers of law abiding citizens have been hacked and infested with malware. In 2013 our MPs rightly decided not to proceed with the snoopers charter. But since 2011 or earlier the spies have been doing it anyway, and with virtually no accountability for their actions. GCHQ and NSA are spying on millions of innocent citizens every day of the week. An estimated 850,000 employees and contractors worldwide have access to the secret material.


Big Brother is here Clive, but some how I suspect you knew that already.

In Topic: Gs8000L Dashcam Review

21 August 2014 - 02:35 PM

I take it it's a micro SD card.


word of warning, it you need to take it out while the camera is in situ, be very very careful.


I have mine just below the rear view mirror




One day I thought I'd remove the card in situ. Well it flew out like a rocket, hit me in the shoulder area, and disappeared. What a job I had finding that.


You know from experience, you drop something in the house and it ends up under the fridge or the settee or the sideboard a foot or two away, requiring the use of a 12 inch ruler to retrieve it


Well first job I looked down over the top of the drivers seat in that area between the seat and the cockpit centre consul, zilch.

I had the drivers floor mat out, I checked every inch of the drivers floor carpeting, under the front of the drivers seat. I checked the rails the drivers seat traverses back and forward on. I checked every bit of the centre consul, the gear stick gaiter. I went in the back and checked behind and under the drivers seat, not a sight of it.


I slide the seat right back and viewing from the front and twisting my neck [in the process nearly pulllng a muscle] I finally saw it. There it was snaged on to the verical side of the floor carpet as it heads towards the centre consul,  like it was a mountaineer clinging on to the North Face of the Eiger. Did it want to let go, did it b@ggery, and me fearful of dislodging it without holding onto it, and it falling down behind the seat rail. Seat out and all that, or attempted retrieval  by vacuum cleaner suction.


But I hung on to it thankgoodness.



In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

20 August 2014 - 04:57 PM


In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

20 August 2014 - 01:26 PM


Nice install for the rear mobius. Couple questions:


Did you run the cables through the roof lining to get to the back.


Which fuse did you use to power the mobius or did you tap into the existing cable for the front mobius


Did you use a DC cable longer than 3m for the rear cam or was the 3m one long enough.


All that info is in paragraphs 5 and 6 in post #317.....pay attention at the back please :rolleyes: