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In Topic: Clutch Problem

08 July 2015 - 11:26 AM

Hi Damien,


If the car has a service history, and there is no evidence to support it has had the clutch replaced. It would be resonable to assume it is running on it's original clutch. And given it has covered148km [100k miles] and taking into account what you have described in your post,  I reckon your looking at a new clutch mate.


I would get it sorted at your convenience and not wait until it fails on the road. If you do take the car into a garage for a diagnosis  let the forum know the outcome..........it helps build the knowlage base mate

In Topic: Car Accident Who Is At Fault?

08 July 2015 - 12:54 AM

What it looks like to me is regardless of her driving up the wrong side of the road and wanting to either turn left or get back into her proper side of the road, the driver behind has been too close or closed up the gap so the female driver couldn't get back in. Focus driver 100% blame for not being able to stop in time.

I think some speeding up to close the gap by the focus preventing her from moving back to her left happened just because her car in front was in the wrong place, unfortunately neither driver was going to back down and stay out of the way resulting in a collision. This situation goes on many times a day.


Sorry M8,


Got to agree.


How I see it from the not so clear detail of street description. Two cars travelling in the same direction along a street [no doubt houses fronting both sides of the street, no centre road markings, and nodoubt tight right angled juctions onto ajoining streets. [not a problem when turning right, but could be a tight turn on turning left.]


Given that the driver in front is intending to turn left into an ajoining street, she may have positioned her car towards the centre of the road to facilitate what could have been a tight left turn. Not to have done so, could have ment on the turn, her front end could have been well over the oncoming traffic side of the street she was attempting to turn into.


If that was the case, and though I accept it is stated she did not indicate. If there was only a possability of a left turn ahead as against approaching say a cross roads. The fact she slowed down and altered her line of travel would indicate to me a left turn was a possibility. In cases like that, I would have hung back until tthe other drivers intended actions became clear. 


The driver behind was impatiant he wanted to put this slow moving car behind him, he made an assumption she was pulling over to the off side curb. Hence as he attempted to under take her, the collision took place and the damage supports that scenario.


Just telling it how I see it, nothing personal to the original poster, sh*t happens. Had she signaled we would not be here discussing a collision. Having held a clean licence for over fifty years, the one thing you learn in that time is to give the car in front plenty of space, the fact somebody is behind the wheel, their competence  and or consideration of other road users is an unknown quantity.


Many years ago an old retired banker and his wife used to come to our pub for dinner time lunches, was he a crap driver ! He used to stall the his car on the speed ramp at the entrance to the car park.


I used to ask him how was the drive over, John,he would reply....  "All the sons of bit@hes were out today"

I used to invisage the mayhem he was nodoubt responsible for taking place in his review mirror.

In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

25 March 2015 - 06:05 PM


I'm assuming the newer Mobius "grew in size" merely to accomodate the bigger battery, and that being the case

I think it would be fair to again assume the lens are the same on both the older and newer Mobius.

In Topic: Bad Place To Cross The Road And Who Is Wrong: Lorry Or Van?

12 March 2015 - 12:02 AM


To traffic in lane 2? OK


The van was out of road and in danger of being rear ended by the other lorry because he had to break.

 I agree Ian,


He was not forcing his way onto the motorway, he gauged his entry perfectly, in that he was entering an empty inside lane at a speed faster than the Lorry already in the inside lane.


It was the wagon driver at fault there, experiance should have taught him not to cut back into the inside lane if he is blind to the merging traffic expected to enter from a slip road.


If I'm travelling in the inside lane on a motorway/ dual carriageway, on approaching a slip road merge point, I always move into lane two [if safe to do so] to make it easier for said merging traffice. Motorways like all roads are shared enviroments, it's not a case of I'm here first so you can "Pittle Off"

In Topic: My New Mobius Dashcam

11 March 2015 - 11:25 PM

Finally got my Möbius properly wired in in the back window.

Hardest part was fishing the power cable through the rubber hose thingy (and then routing the cable on the outside of the curtain airbags to make sure it would not impede their deployment).

Nice neat instal there T