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#409025 Joke Thread

Posted by catch on 12 September 2014 - 06:32 PM

Two Crocodiles were sitting at the side of the River Thames
The smaller one turned to the bigger one and said, 'I can't understand how you can be so much bigger than me.
We're the same age, and we were the same size as kids. I just don't get it.'

'Well,' said the big Croc, 'what have you been eating?'


'Politicians, same as you,' replied the small Croc.

'Hmm. Well, where do you catch them?'

'Down the other side of the river near the car park by Westminster.'

'Same here. Hmm.....How do you catch them?' said the big Croc.

'Well, I crawl up under one of their Lexus, BMW or Mercedes cars and wait for one to unlock the car door.


Then I jump out, grab them by the leg, shake the !Removed! out of them and eat 'em!'

'Ah!' says the big Crocodile, 'I think I see your problem. You're not getting any real nourishment.

See, by the time you finish shaking the !Removed! out of a

Politician, there's nothing left but an a###hole and a briefcase!!.

#408708 Dash Cam Dangerous Driving Clips, Should You Be Able To Up Load Evidence To T...

Posted by catch on 11 September 2014 - 07:42 PM



I guess to do trials you need to have defined knowns such as how many cameras out there, recording for how long and the like. Overwise a very low number vids sent could be inconclusive, in that the numbers of motorists being active supporters of the project  could not be defined.


I was just mussing the idea of uploading the evidence of traffic regulation offences, potentially endangering life.


But I reckon with the onward march of technology, and considering the billions of pound lost to the economy, and the 23,000 or so lives lost or seriously degraded. And the near 200,000 other injuries sustained every year, after year, after year. Eventually something will be done about it I'm sure.


I was watching that new program on Motorway Workers this week, there was a guy in an HGV watching a "series" as he put it, not a film, on his laptop whilst driving. Now I suspect he would get a hundred quid or so fine, yet his actions could have cost countless lives in a pileup and millions of pounds  worth of damage and cost to the economy in motorway closure costs.


A law that stated the vehicle would be inpounded and not released until a hefty fine was paid by the company owners. I bet the incidences of HVG drivers watching films on lap tops would drop considerably. 


I watched another program "How good a driver are you" or such like, the other week. Put these women in a simulator, texting while driving. One woman seeing the results said thats it, the phone is off when she is in the car. The other one said " she would keep the text messages "SHORT"  


Until peoples mindset is altered, and there is no better way to do that, than taking licenses of offenders, or very heavy fines, this carnage on our roads will continue.

#405992 Scottish Independence Poll

Posted by catch on 05 September 2014 - 04:41 PM

George Monbiot says it all for me


Irish Grandparents

Scottish Father

Born in England


OK can't Vote but could I get a Scottish Passport ? :ph34r:

#404202 Whats Your Barmy Health And Safety Experience? If Any.

Posted by catch on 01 September 2014 - 06:05 PM

So there I am circa 20 miles from home last week and about 10 ltrs left in the tank, and knowing our local Tesco and Morrisons have an unofficial  "cartel" going in regards to petrol pricing.


I say that because motorists in our town pay circa 4 pence a litre more for their petrol at Morrisons, than Morrisions customers pay 10 miles up the road at their next nearest store. And the simple reason is our town has not got a Sainsburys, and the town 10 miles up the road has, along with a Morrisons. Meaning I don't buy Morrisons petrol on principle................why oh why don't Aldi sell petrol.


Actually that observation in it's self merits its own thread, anybody care to start one?


So I tip up at Harrogate Sainsburys petrol forcourt, 125.9p per litre and busy as hell, tail backs at all the pumps. Eventually, waiting patiently in the queue pays off and when the guy in front of me fills up and moves off, and I pull up to the pump I see that the pump in front of me [pump 5] 10 in all, is not in use. Theres a big ole Motor Way Cone blocking the pump, so I am stood there in the process of brimming my tank thinking to myself .........Stuff you Morrisons.


Anyways my mind wanders back to observing THE CONE it's positioned inches away from a scattering of dried sand covering an area of say 30cm in diameter, to a depth of ....well try and imagine two grains of sand stacked one on top of the other and there you have it. Said sand is positioned where the petrol filler cap would be in relation to the petrol pump it's self.


So the old brain immediately comes to the conclusion its not an oil spillage, wrong position geographicly, not enough sand covering it. Bingo ! It's a petrol spillage.. in't Brains Brilliant!


Anyhow heading to the shop to pay, I gives the sand a squish with my foot. And as I suspected the concrete was bone dry, the sand had absorbed the petrol, and the ambient temperature had dried the sand. Crisis over, stand Harrogate General Hospital down from it's Code Red Alert. So I moved the cone with one hand and swung it onto the raise base next to the pump, thinking that would ease the conjestion at the pumps a little


How wrong was I, my actions had triggered a Code Red at the Tills! One minute there were two adolescent till operatives, seconds later I'm in the shop getting visually identified with an accusatory finger by the one remaining seated adolescent shouting "thats him" as the second is making a dash for the "Tazzer Cupboard"   Anyhow it turns out I was mistaken, Sainsburys dont have a "Tazzer Cupboard" he was making for the exit of the secured till area.


Hes bearing down on me, eyes wide open like an adolescent possessed. Staight away I'm into descelation mode, hands held slightly forward palms open,indicating I'm not armed, I come in peace.


It's OK I said the concrete is dry there is no hazard hence I removed the cone. He screams back....

THE SAND, THE SANDS THE HAZARD! And he's gone like an Exocet Missile bearing down on it's target.


I'm confering with the queue.....well I've heard of some daft interpitations as to what constitues a hazard, but that beats the lot....... yer like somebodys going to trip over 1mm high sand, followed by impersonation of same. Lady in front of me is killing her self laughing, the snitch who fingered me is saying [in a condecending tone]... just let us get on with our job sir, well two can play at that game.


Get on with your job I says, I take it this is your first, well at some point in your career you are going to have to employ a bit of commonsense, but obviously that time appears to be sometime well into the future.


Well now that I'm in another queue [sadly of my own making] I'm observing the antics of the adolescent Red Adair Because a guy parked up behind my car seeing I had removed the cone, had swung around my car at pump 6, pulled forward so he could align his car parallel with the pump and reversed into position.


But sadly he was to late at getting out of his car and grabing the knozzle. Red is on his case, he's in front of the guys car 20cm off his front bumper flapping his arms about waving the guy back. Obviously Red reckons the guys got a steering back axle, which he has'nt. ........


Anyway I'm at the till, I pay and I'm gone, I'm out the door, Reds nowhere to be seen, the guy in the car has gone The Cone is back in situ warning of the hazardous sand. I give it a cursary scatter as I pass, I can feel the eyes burning into my back. I gets in the car, belts up and asked the wife what happened to the guy who pulled up to pump 5. She said he eventually wound his window down, shouted something to Red, he stepped back and to the side, and the guy just drove off........last seen heading for Asda self serve I presume..............I'll maybe give them a try next time I'm passing.

#403437 Dash Cam Dangerous Driving Clips, Should You Be Able To Up Load Evidence To T...

Posted by catch on 30 August 2014 - 07:07 PM

Well that's wonderful catch.. Fact still remains, creating extra £ to pay people to sieve through videos isn't going to be easy... 


I already gave you the answer - social media, upload it to youtube, if it gets a lot of attention because it's worse than someone making a genuine mistake then the police may look into it...


Ah yet again Ian you miss the blindingly OBVIOUS, [ referance Son of Nod] :rolleyes:


It's funded out of the savings you make by changing the mindset of the idiots you prosecute.


It's a simple methodology, you keep violating, you keep collecting the points and what do points get you ?


Well they certainly dont get you prizes, more than likely they get you a ban. So over time "re educating" those most likely by their atrocious driving habits to be the cause of "accidents"  you progressivly cut the 34.5 billion loss to the economy. Hence more tax generated for the government, whilst at the same time slashing resources employed to attend accidents, Police, Fire Brigade and NHS better employed else where. Averting thousands of productive man hours lost as a result of lane closures due the accidents, oh and not only arn't the dead and seriously injured [lates figures 23,370 in total ] not turning up for work and contributing to the tax revenue, nor are a sizable portion of the other 183,670 injured in accidents turning up for work the next day.


It's whats known as a self financing solution. Of course if you fail to get your head around what £34.5 billion actually is, or are to busy stubbling around in the dark, then I dare say you will be incapable of finding the solution.  Out of the box Ian thats the way to go.



As for the "social media" I'm of the generation who are not self obsessed, nore do I think others would be remotely interested in what I ate whilst out last night. Hence I'm managing to get through life not knowing what others ate last night ;) Though I dare say it has it's uses in getting a message across, I'll leave that to others thank you.

#403155 Dash Cam Dangerous Driving Clips, Should You Be Able To Up Load Evidence To T...

Posted by catch on 29 August 2014 - 08:13 PM

"Sadly for your scenario's that I have seen the footage for, I think neither would result in a police visit as clear as it is. They were clearly idiots, especially the van, but his gesture would result in the police struggling to pursue a section 5 let alone driving without due care"


I disagree James


In both cases the drivers could be charge under the offences of:


1. Failing to conform to a Traffic Sign.


In that they failed to give way to oncoming traffic. And that being the case they were also guilty of


2. Careless Driving:


I refer you to http://www.cps.gov.u...ences/#P84_4838



You see my argument is [in the near 25,000 yearly instances of death or serious injury that happen on our roads] The only way you will get safer roads is by prosecuting those who commit traffic offences. There is no other interpitation for what took place in both those clips.


You either nip bad / aggresive driving in the bud or you pay the price later on down the line. Those 25,000 dead or seriously injured people, that £34.8 billion cost to the economy is in the main a result of bad / aggresive driving. Hence my referance to being either Proactive or Reactive in policing traffic violations.


And by policing I don't mean the existing policing structure need take the load in that regard. Think outside the box, people who can only tell me why something cannot be done, they "frustrate me" So much so I decided to stop "taking a wage" so to speak when I was 30 years old, and went into business on my own account [ and not in the area that I had previously earned my living from]  I've had people say to me what do you know about a "certain" business it's not your area of expertise.I'd reply that might be the case, but knowing whats wrong with a businees is a good place to start turning it around.  Anyway long story short three business later I was able to virtually retire from business when I was 49 years old. Thats what thinking out side the box can achieve.

#402370 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by catch on 27 August 2014 - 10:58 PM

In relation to the A lense B lense question / quandary some peeps may have.


Here is some handy input regards the above over at Dash Cam Talk russ331 is a mine of information.

#402260 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by catch on 27 August 2014 - 08:50 PM

using a Kingston 32GB Class 4 and a Kingston 64GB Class 10 no problems with either




My new Mobius B lense dash cam arrived today for the front windscreen. Now using "Wide" option in FOV settings, and being the Wide Angled lense I have the creamish A pillars in field of view, and as a result I get reflections of same on the windscreen video capture. I have my Dash cam just under the Rain Sensor Housing. It also shows an area of the dash inwards of the  demister vent. This being grey does not negatively show up as a reflection.


Differance with the A lense Mobius using the same bracket, it does not pick up the A pillars, well it does but just a  tiny tiny bit of the respective bases of A pillars hence no reflections. And it only shows a little of the dash but very little indeed.


I've tried the B lense Mobius on "narrow" setting in FOV and that is like using the A lense Mobius. Now tomorrow I may adjust the bracket to lift the cam angle, and try again on "Wide" setting, but lifting it to high may have the cam picking up more direct sun hence dazzle.


Just letting fellow Focus owners know purchasing the B lense Mobius may not be beneficial. There again setting the cam higher up the windscreen phyisically may mitigate that effect. Maybe somebody with a B lense setup akin to that, could give some feed back for those thinking of putting dash cams in.


Myself, I'm happy with my home made brackets and the cam positions, in that I will be leaving them in permanent situ. I only had have two attempts at making the rear bracket. And two front brackets, both of which I then refashioned, eventually settling on the refashioned first bracket  :mellow:


Just awaiting the 3m charging cable to hard wire it in [should come tommorow] then back and front hard wired and finished.











#401194 Led Display In Rear Window

Posted by catch on 24 August 2014 - 12:43 PM


Son of nod???  :blink:

Come Ian work it out, I'll give you a clue, start at the beginning of the thread......................when it clicks you will hang your head in shame .......oh yes you will :rolleyes:

#401167 Led Display In Rear Window

Posted by catch on 24 August 2014 - 10:42 AM

Just wish other drivers had that mentality, and not being up our !Removed!. And yes, you could say that  :)

What you want is a "Son Of Nod" on board sticker,or even a "Get Back You Tailgating Twit" sticker :ph34r:

#400976 Dash Cam Dangerous Driving Clips, Should You Be Able To Up Load Evidence To T...

Posted by catch on 23 August 2014 - 02:49 PM



I hear what your saying Clive,


But the truth is the police are under resourced in the area of bringing to book the vast majority of the idiots on the road.


Yes you personally witness some violations of the traffic regulations and deal with them accordingly. You turn up and help deal with the carnage this idiots create on our roads.


But the simple fact is the odds of being caught and punished for dangerous driving be it intentional of just simply plain stupidity, is nigh on no existant in relation to the actual number of violations commited by these idiots.


Sure we are all guilty at some time in our driving lifetime of making a bad driving decisions. But usually the intellegent amoungst us learn from the experience. But serial offenders continue doing it until either they are caught or they kill somebody.


Having suffered a near death experiance at the hands of a lorry driver myself. Incidently a witness to the event made the comment   " you must be the luckiest man alive in Bradford"


Having sat in hospital awaiting news of my Wifes and her aged Mother condition, after they were taken out head on by a young idiot in a Mini Cooper [driving on his Grans insurance]  who could not stay on his side of the road. I thought I was going to loose them both. The mother-in-law was left with disabilitating injuries, and mental anguish the rest of her life.


Six weeks before she died, three years after the accident. We had occasion to take her and her husband to a funeral in Kent [driving down from Yorkshire] As we negotiated the slip road to join the AI, on her seeing the heavy goods vehicles dwarfing us as they barrelled down the road she let out a mutted scream of sheer terror. I had to reassure her that we would join the A1 at the same speed as the traffic using the road. When we got back the following day she stepped out of the car and flung her arms around me, thanking me for bring her home safe. Never in the 44 years that I had then known her had she expressed herself in such a manner.


The wife though suffering no physical scars, is addament she has not recovered fully her powers of recalling her memory due to the concusion she received amounst her other injuries. To this day has she has no recollection of the events just prior to the crash. She was discharged from hospital on 30th December and asked me what the cards bedecking the house were in aid off. She had no recollaction of Christmas, indeed what Christmas was. Was not aware she had children, indeed she had to be re taught her job.


What I'm trying to say is, I just wish these idiots I see day after day endangering the lives of others could suffer one single day of being in that position.


Clive regards your job, you have no need to worry, there will always be more idiots and or scum out there than you can handle mate.

#400877 Tailgaters! What Can Be Legally Used To Dissuade The Morons ? Discuss

Posted by catch on 23 August 2014 - 09:14 AM

nice one Ian,


but then you would get the morons amoungst us who would know doubt cut you up and have it programmed with a two finger salute. :ph34r:


Trouble is we are dealing with idiots or just plain stupid people in most cases, and the use of message boards would be [in their eyes] that you are questioning their driving prowess .


Now the reality is technology is avaliable today to to produce an onboard safety system that would measure the speed of the car it is installed in and the distance  it is sitting off the rear of the car it is following. Obviously you would have to factor in how long a given situation is in progress. And a base speed where the safety system kicks in [becomes live] or disingages, to allow for situations where vehicles are queueing in slow moving traffic and such.


When the circumstances confirm the car is tailgating it would activate a warning message in the offending vehicle . And if the warning its ignored, the cars is put into safe mode untill the on board data confims a safe  distance is being maintained.


Bit like training a dog really, reward them with a treat, in this case the driver getting control of their car back when they start driving responsibily. Safe breaking applications using the type of in car monitoring that I outline above,  are in use to today in many cars. An example being the new Volvo V40, in regard to people detected in front of the vehicle, or safe auto braking when a low speed collision situation is recognised. [I believe they have got systems that can activate at speeds of upto 30mph in some applications]

#399895 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by catch on 20 August 2014 - 01:26 PM


Nice install for the rear mobius. Couple questions:


Did you run the cables through the roof lining to get to the back.


Which fuse did you use to power the mobius or did you tap into the existing cable for the front mobius


Did you use a DC cable longer than 3m for the rear cam or was the 3m one long enough.


All that info is in paragraphs 5 and 6 in post #317.....pay attention at the back please :rolleyes:

#399575 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by catch on 19 August 2014 - 04:17 PM

Yes thats what i was thinking im a bit worried about ruining the rain sensor cover i was trying to see how much they were to buy online but cant find them


The 8" one is just over £4, now the Mobius manufacturer and eBay seller Kurt linked to at the beginning of the thread [and whom I bought my camera from] sells them. Now I received an email back from them today  [Mandy] as I enquired if they did a longer cable, ANSWER CAME BACK NO the 8" [20cm] one is currently the only one they do. Though they are working on a longer one but not sure when they will have it.


My thinking regards possibly using a longer cable was that having aTitanium spec I have a Sun Glasses Case attached to the roof by the driver grab handle...........me thinking, good hiding place for the camera body if cable extension long enough. Now they are hoping to do a longer cable [#16 camera they do 8"/15" and 25" cables] but extending cable lengths can lead to technical problems.


One thing you do notice with the Mobius manufacture, they try and get things right, rushing to market is not their first priority


Now the above was backed up by the fact I found out on the DCT forum [a must join forum] that the makers don't list all they sell, on Ebay, I reckon because they are so busy as it is. But they told me in that email today  they also have in stock the B lense Mobius, but then it could go out of stock very quickly hence they don't list them on eBay [because of the demand from their authorised sellers I assume ]  But would have to be through PayPal not eBay. Not a problem that.



Unfortuneatly last time I asked that question they said they were not selling the B Lense Mobius via eBay because of supply problems. So I went and ordered one from Bang~good, would rather had ordered it via the manufacture because the other one they supplied arrive in eight day, Not a clue how long Bang~good will take to deliver.


So remember when emailing them, they do struggle sometimes to understand what your writing , for instance in that email I sent them, I told them I had purchased a B lense Mobius from Bang~good, saying I still did not understand why they dont sell them. Then I get the reply.......if I want one they will sell me one............That said their English understanding trumps my Chinese every day of the week


Now regards photo's of Rain Sensor housing space, well it would be a tight one if indeed it's possible at all. Think on, 8" extension cable installed aligned, and at same time attached to Mobius body it's self attached to back of mirror. Then the need to beable to get to same for memory card access, replacing battery in time.....


Look you got to do some ground work yourself mate, take the housing off, it can be a struggle see what your up against. Then there are possible interferance issues to contend with, but there are fixes out there. I could tell you everything , but better you empower yourself  by reading this thread if it wont load for you register, as you need to do that to view photo stuff.

#399532 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by catch on 19 August 2014 - 03:12 PM

Great job on the rear view mount. I like it. Have you been using your two Möbius long and how reliable do you find them?

I'm looking into a rear view one as well. Have you got this hardwired in?



I have only received the one A lense Mobius that came last Monday, and the one hard wire cable that came this Saturday. You see I was only intending doing the front for now.


So I tried the Mobius in different positions on the windscreen on a mount, did road tests. Then I fashioned a mount for the rear of the sensor housing, did road tests, all on the Mobius battery you understand.


When the cable came on Saturday I fashioned a couple of brackets for the rear view  Mobius [using the one camera to set it up] Like I say I made two brackets because I [wrongly as it happens] thought the first one was causing the camera to produce vibrating videos. On making a revised second bracket I came to the conclusion the problem lay elswhere, hence the solution with the rubber grommet.


You see windscreen mounted, or home made brackets mounted cameras attached to say the rain sensor housing. themselves attached to the windscreen. Dont suffer from vibration because the rubber seals around said screens absorb the vibrations transmitted from the road though the wheels to the body shell . Hence when I attached my rear view bracket to the body shell.....


Anyhow once I solved the vibration problem, I thought sod it, I'll use the one 3M 12v to 5v cable I have to hard wire the rear camera. I ran the cable across the rear of the roof, then down the "B" Pillar, the Ground wire was just long enought to connect to either of the Ground points in the front passenger side sill area. The Positive wire I had to extend a bit to reach the fuse board.


I took the decision to have both cams on their own cables wired back to a shared piggy back fuse on fuse number 108. Decided against tapping into the interior lighting circuit, so if either cable turns out to be less than reliable, they will not cause the interior lighting to fail, or me having to faff about fishing the inline fuse connector out of the roof headling, for testing.



So there you have it, as to reliability, to earlier to say, but my expereince with the camera, and what I've read about others experiences with the Mobius over on the Dash Cam Talk forum. Led me to order a "B" lense Mobius for the front as I was that impressed by the one I have, and another hard wire cable .Expecting camera to arrive possibly this Saturday if I'm lucky [bracket made and fixed in position] And again if I'm lucky the hard wire cable should be here by the following Saturday.