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#393663 Tailgaters! What Can Be Legally Used To Dissuade The Morons ? Discuss

Posted by catch on 03 August 2014 - 11:18 PM

Greg I've just ordered a Mobius for the dash, I may do something in relation to the rear.


Always being told by the PM to be proactive in promoting the society we all wish to live in.


Well I reckon there should be someting akin to "Crimestoppers"  in that people can send dashcam footage of cars / people  breaking the traffic regulations, likes of driving without due care and attention, overtaking into on coming traffic cause them to take avasive action, tailgating, and using a hand held phones whilst driving and the like.

#393661 Tailgaters! What Can Be Legally Used To Dissuade The Morons ? Discuss

Posted by catch on 03 August 2014 - 11:02 PM

A generally do as Rick does, they than sit back abit as "they" think your the "idiot" and give you space. But it erks me that I have to drive like an idiot to get an idiot off my back. Push me and I go even slower :rolleyes:


I like to use my brakes when I come to the end of my journey, not spend brass pumping expensive fuel into the engine only to dissipate the said energy produced on my brake pads. That way my wallet, tyres, brake discs and pads stay healthy for longer.


I'm amazed watching cars in a line of traffic on a busy road all sat up each others backsides, brake lights lighting in unison. It must be a very stressfull way of driving.


The other day I was in a convoy of cars, up front was a slow moving heavy goods vehicle, that was passable in places. but there was a car right up its @rse stopping this from happening. And there was noway the car could see anything  other than the back of the HVG, I said to the wife that motor is stuck like a limpit it must be on a tow. Eventually we came to a roundabout and being about tenth car back I could see as both the HGV and the car made the same right turn around the roundabout there was no tow and less than 5 foot between them.


As I've held a clean licence for 50 years, I've witnessed alot of bad driving, done a bit myself if I'm honest in my yonger days. But I see car safety improving at the same time as bad driving becoming more prevalent to the point of being aggresive at times.


If somebody wants to turn right and is causing an obstruction to the flow of traffic, I'll  let them make the turn, But I see people closing of that option by closing the gap needed only to sit on the tail of the car infront of them in a stationary line of traffic. Not sure if it's just plain old stupidity or indifferance.


Rant Over :)

#393653 My New Mobius Dashcam

Posted by catch on 03 August 2014 - 10:19 PM

Well Kurt having read your hard wire guide, I've just ordered the Mobius and the bits and bobs needed including a Kingston 32GB micro SD card, came to just short of £59.


I had a mini fuse bridge and 3 amp fuse in stock from when I converted my foglamps to DRL's. And I may install a rear facing one at a later date.


I've been meaning to do a guide in regard to converting the Fogs to DRL's, cost litle money less than £25 if I remembere rightly.


Also a guide to installing an additional 12 volt socket, just to the right of the  "coin cubby hole"  for the use of my Satnav

#393625 Tailgaters! What Can Be Legally Used To Dissuade The Morons ? Discuss

Posted by catch on 03 August 2014 - 09:10 PM

trouble with that Clive is you would yourself be a danger to other road users when fumbling about with the remote trying to switch it on.


It would be cheaper and easier to wire in a dash switch to activate the brake lights. Of course as you would not actually be braking no collision would take place. Well I say no collision...............if the tailgater themselves were being tailgated!


Be intresting to see how that action would be construde in relation to road traffic regulations. As the onus is on the driver to the rear to stand off a safe distance from a vehicle in front of him in relation to the speed he/ they collectively are travelling at.


Some times I depress the brake pedal with my left foot whilst still having my right foot on the gas pedal, to get the idiots to back off.Because as sure as eggs is eggs, if I have to slam all on, and me on good tyres  the idiot behind me has no reaction time or space to avoid stuffing me up the backside.

#393581 Tailgaters! What Can Be Legally Used To Dissuade The Morons ? Discuss

Posted by catch on 03 August 2014 - 07:57 PM

As the title suggests, tailgaters really wind me up, anybody else hate them with a vengeance like me?

Does anybody fancy designing  an illuminated sign actuated by an ultrasonic type sensor [as used in rear parking aids]


Works a bit like this, it sensors the car is not in a reverse gear yet picks up an incoming TGT [short for Tailgating ...........] is right up your rear. It then triggers the rear screen message ..............


GET BACK YOU TAILGATING TWerp........................

#349240 Fog Lamps As Led Drl Substitutes, Discuss

Posted by catch on 31 March 2014 - 12:50 PM

Hi playmates,


Much as Ilike the idea of fitting the aftermarket DRL's in the Mk2.5 Focus

The one niggling thought in my mind is ...........How long will the LED's last?


I mean I dont fancy shelling out circa £90 [cost of the linked to item] if one decides to go "walkabout" say in eighteen months or maybe two years or even four years down the line.....having lived in Yorkshire for over fifty years I've aquired the odd Yorkshire trait :rolleyes:


Now in the last nigh on five years of ownership of my previous Mk2 Focus, I can quite clearly recollect having to use my fog lights on two occasions. Once on the A30 in Cornwall, and the other on the A59 twixt Bolton Abbey and Harrogate. Total time of actual usage requirement, I would hazard a guess at being no longer collectively than a couple of hours tops.


Now to me that is a very under utilised lighting set up. And to be perfectly honest on my Mk 2 I wired a electromagnetic [hidden behind the front bumper]  front parking aid set up, via the fog lamp switch. Reason being, when I previously fitted them on our S40 Volvo the wife often used to foget to switch the sensors off after using them, no matter how many times I told her after using... switch the bleeding things OFF...............


You married guy's will know where I'm coming from regards women and light switches, hot taps, and the like.  You see women don't ever consider men have anything important to say that they would be remotely interested in, hence they stop listening ...........its in their genes :D


So when she wanted to use them in the Mk 2, if she left them on, sas soon as she opened the drivers side door, the "left lights on" alarm would sound.


Anyway as I'm about to fit the front parking aid in my newly accuired Mk 2.5 [that's what I like about that type of set up, you can take them with you] This will be the third vehicle served by that one purchase.


Anyway back on subject, I was toying with the idea of possibly swopping my current fog lamp bulbs, with some LED ones like these Because if these decided to go "walkabout" in eighteen months, the replacemet cost will be  a dam sight easy for my wallet to swallow.


Not sure if it's a go'er, so I'm putting it up for discussion, good and bad lpoints lets get it out there.

#349005 Higgsy's Zetec S Thread

Posted by catch on 30 March 2014 - 04:49 PM

Cheers mate

#348984 Higgsy's Zetec S Thread

Posted by catch on 30 March 2014 - 04:10 PM

80 quid all in. Direct from the sellers own website. They are 100 from the same seller on eBay. I will take some pics of the cabling install and post them too. Will need to wait and see if a get a letter making me to pay import duty.

 Higgsy, any chance of a link to sellers website for the DRL's

Oh and a link to the boot protector would be nice :rolleyes:

#348247 Thinking Of Getting An 2010 1.6 Mk2.5

Posted by catch on 28 March 2014 - 01:35 AM

Exactly Higgsy that's my problem, loads available on the mainland but the choice isn't as good over here in NI.

Anyway been down to look at this one tonight and it's immaculate.

The only thing that I'm worried about is the miles on the clock plus the rear parking sensors, why aren't they colour coded. I thought that Ford colour coded these.


Those will have been added after it was bought, maybe a DIY job, you could buy some touch up paint though.


higgsy is right in regard to the 115bhp engined car, but I think you only got those in the Zetec S variant of the Mk2.5. That said I'm on my second 100bhp, firstly a Zetec Mk2 and since this Monday a Titanium Mk2.5, and they are nippy enough, shove it into third and away you go at overtaking. I had a Mk1 1.8 Zetec before I bought the Mk2 1.6  Zetec, with a Volvo S40 SE 2.0l briefly slotted inbetween the two for 9 months


I also agree with James  in regard to stretching to a Titanium spec if you can. I had the Titanium add on's in the Volvo, and missed them in the Zetec, hence I went for a Titanium this time around. And given the choice of  a Zetec S with it's 115bhp engine or an 100bhp Titanium , I'd always opt for the Titanium, but that's me.


But which ever you choose to buy, the agility of the car will be excellent, and you will thoughly enjoy driving it.


Good luck.


PS: if you buy one, clean the front wings lower arches, they get clogged up with mud between the wheel arch returned lip and the wheel arch protector, all the way back up to the wheel arch protector securing screw. Then buy some front wing mud flaps, it'll be the best money you spend on it, in fact I just orded some yesterday for my new ride


Edit: Obviously as I was lacking sleep in the wee small hours :rolleyes:


I got my Stainless Steel Sill Protectors mixed up with my Front Mud Flaps. It was the sill protectors I orded yesterday. I orded the Mud Flaps the day before I picked the car up, and fitted the day after I got the car home.

#347796 Leaving Car In Gear

Posted by catch on 26 March 2014 - 11:42 PM

been doing it for 50 years...................just incase

#345388 Buying Guide

Posted by catch on 20 March 2014 - 11:50 PM

Okay, where upgrading the 2006 Focus to a newer model. We are looking at a 2010 model or later, Is there a buying guide anywhere. Can the good people on here point me out what to look for. Bad or good points.





Do you mean a newer Focus model? If that is the case, then you will find the Mk2.5 model which was not built after late 2010 early 2011 is basically the same car as the Mk2 under it's skin.


If you go for the Mk3, it is claimed the driving experence is not as good as the Mk2.5. that said, buying petrol you now have the option of the newer ecoboost engines. Better fuel economay, but not what is promised in some cases so best visit  http://www.honestjoh...uk/realmpg/ford Lower road tax, but a big nono for me was the smaller boot.


And Ford have obviously not been totally happy with the Mk3, because they are bringing out the Mk3.5 in July. It's been said it is a marked improvement driving experiance wise. In fact a Ford designer involved in it's developement reckoned it should actually be seen as the Mk4.


You seem to buy your motors like I do, not new but paying circa 50%  less than their list price when new. Infact this week I traded in my Mk2 55 plate Zetec Climate , against a Mk2.5 11 plate Titanium. Thinking being I will skip the Mk3 offering , and possibly buy a Mk3.5 if I can then live with a smaller boot.

#344987 Facelift Focus - Mk3.5

Posted by catch on 20 March 2014 - 12:56 AM

Not interested now, just gone and bought a three year old Mk 2.5 Focus Titanium :D


Wife said thank job for that, she was fed up with me chopping and changing my mind   :wacko: 


I'll just wait for the Mk 4 with a bigger boot to come out :rolleyes: 

#344635 Tyres

Posted by catch on 19 March 2014 - 01:13 AM

I've been running on Goodyear Optigrips on the rear axle since October 2010, and same tyres on the front axle since August 2010. Due an axle swap September this year.


I researched and opted for said tyres on their competitor beating "anti aquaplanning" properties.


It's stopping capabilites that matter, and wet stopping more so, four bits of rubber between you and the road, they better be good. Mine were manufactured in Germany, so quality should be good.


That said, as Incontro intimated, the Goodyear Efficient Grip is an excellent tyre, scoring well above the Optigrip in the fuel economy index. And came out top in the Auto Express Tyre Test 2012.

#344236 Sold My Focus And I've Gone German

Posted by catch on 18 March 2014 - 11:38 AM

You only live once Bruce, you fancied one, you bought one, enjoy.


Lifes a Lottery at the best of times.

#344224 Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

Posted by catch on 18 March 2014 - 11:11 AM

Best I add a post to provide a link to my 2010 fix for the "Water in Plug Ports Issue" with photos


[you know what they say better late than never]


Also see the link to my thread  on "Rusting Front Wheel Arches" [again with photos]


These where common faults on early build Mk2's on 05 and 55 plates. With a  possiblity of affecting some early 06 plates, as it's down to build date, not registration date.


Ford supposibly fixed both problems with revised washer jets [ I still advise silicone grease if you have this problem on later builds], They added plastic lower sill and lower wheel arch protectors on later builds, to eleviate rusting. That said,  I would still recommend fitting Ford mudflaps on the front wheel arches. Road grit thrown up by the front wheels acts like "shotblast" peppering your sills and in some cases lower door panels.