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#149235 2011 Mk2.5 1.6Tdci Focus Dpf Filter Type ??

Posted by catch on 20 October 2011 - 04:16 PM

Well Jamie PM'ed me his VIN, I rang our freindley Ford Dealer Parts Desk, he looked it up, then went and spoke to a technician. and come back with an answer.

And guess what, it's eat my hat time :D Oh your a set of happy bunnies, you have the newer non maintenance DPF. So I asked Andy [because I did not want 20 Vin's in my PM box ] :D What denotes it's the newer DPf, now he thought it must be the Stage V Emissions Designation.[he was not sure hence he went and asked a techi which one it was, and he said he had worked on a V emissions one and it did not need the eloy's additive, nor was there provision for it. So there you go, like I said sorted with a phone call.........simples :rolleyes:

#147427 St220.

Posted by catch on 07 October 2011 - 01:37 PM

i couldnt make my mind up if this was a spammer or not so i thought i would just answer it knowing that we will probably never hear from the OP again..


the longer your on this planet the more cynical you become.................wait until your my age :rolleyes:

#146504 Changing My Car Advice Please

Posted by catch on 30 September 2011 - 11:22 PM

Thanks for the replys my cars a 2009 45000 miles

Well at your mileage you are two years away from the 75K service, so why are you worrying about DPF replacement or car swap now?

I was told the dpf was a main dealer only replacement!

You were obviously told wrong then.

As for Kwik Fit, well I would only go there if it was only to remind me why I don't go there :rolleyes:

#146474 Changing My Car Advice Please

Posted by catch on 30 September 2011 - 06:33 PM

ha ha ure cool

at no point was i trying to p you off or have a go



I know you weren't Jamie, so no need to explain yourself :)

#142517 Mk1 St170 Project???

Posted by catch on 02 September 2011 - 04:33 PM

If you have the money to put an st170 engine in, you would be cheaper just buying an st170.

Will probably be cheaper for insurance on a real st170 than on a modified 'st170'

Got to agree with that 100%

#130209 Master Cylinder

Posted by catch on 03 June 2011 - 12:14 PM

Wow catch that makes you sound ever so intelligent

You reckon, all you need is the ability to understand simple maths......ah I see where your coming from now.

And you know what intelligence means to a women ;-).

Your speaking for all women kind now, was that a self promotion you slipped in there ;) But I'll run with it for now for the sake of this conversation. Let me guess, is it a "turn off" ? Are you saying you would not be attracted to a partner with a modicum of intelligence?

Sounds like you have a brilliant job not many of them around these days

Jobs, professions call them what you will, are what you make of them. Besides the last time I picked up a pay check was back in 1976, so it's not one I'll be getting sacked from. And unlike some I dare say, I ain't posting on here while somebody is supposedly paying me to work. :rolleyes:

And no I'm not imagining it I did 40 mpg when I first bought my focus. I know this because my daughter lives down south and filled my car to the brim. I deducted the motorway bit and my figure came to 40mpg.

Hardly what you would define as a "back tested" mathematical strategy to come up with irrefutable proof of your claims. But you now what Zev I'm definitely warming to your naivety. :D

My husband rechecked it and he came to the same figure

I refer you to an earlier answer :P

Look all joking apart, Fords official figures for the urban cycle are 32.5 mpg for the 1.6 petrol engine in your Focus. The web is full of threads of people complaining they get no where near that figure. So to say in "town" driving you were achieving nigh on 40 mpg is well you know.......

We do a lot of town driving, all be it short trips on a cold engine and lucky to hit 21 mpg. OK I can get my trip computer to record 59.50 mpg if I'm in fifth gear on the motorway and maintain an average of circa 54 mph with out applying the brakes. But that is resetting the trips once I'm in fifth gear, and taking the reading prior to changing down gears to exit the motorway. And that was on a short six mile trip. Besides the dash trip can be out anywhere between 5 to 10 percent, meaning its discrepancy is not consistent.

I can hit 55 mpg on country A roads before I hit traffic, or my brakes, or urbanisations, again that is driving like a granny.

But in the real world, where I'm not playing the "how many mpg's can I get out of the car" driving like this, game. The numbers tell a totally different story.

Last year we did 5,576 miles, of which 2,146 miles [38%] of that mileage was mostly bombing along the motorway for touring holidays. On those trips I brimmed tank before we set off and brimmed tank when we get back home. We recorded on three different trips 35.05 mpg M6 to Cornwall, 35.91 mpg A1[M] to Northumberland, and 37.55 mpg A1[M] Maidstone in Kent, eked a few more mpg out of it because I was sticking at no more than 70 mph as we had the In Laws on board.

Now the other 3,530 miles not down to holiday mileage, was a mix of country A roads and town and urbanisation driving, returning 31.24 mpg, with an overall annual consumption of 32.84 mpg

Interestingly this year prior to any holiday mileage being undertaken we are returning on 2,056 miles covered, 31.17 mpg. That's 0.07 mpg less than last years average for a similar type of mileage covered. No doubt that is the consequence of fitting a pair of new Goodyear OptiGrip tyres just two days prior to said mileage being covered. Those tyres being renowned for.....well being grippy :ph34r:

There are all kinds of variants to add to any mix, with speed, driving style and traffic conditions being the principle ones. But the golden rule in data analysis is, the further back the data goes the more reliable it is.......my daughter did this and I subtracted that on a one off event cannot be defined as data you can rely on.

Trust me Zev, if your getting circa 32 mpg out of your car in town driving, you definitely ain't got a problem.

#130189 Master Cylinder

Posted by catch on 03 June 2011 - 08:49 AM

You wouldn't still be having a pop at me would you catch. Lol

Nay Zev, now you've told me how irresistible you are to the opposite !Removed!, I'd obviously be mad to have a go at you. Posted Image

Now I hope your not imagining it, like you achieving just short of 40mpg around town in a 1.6 petrol Focus. I'd be writing to the Guinness Book of records with that one :rolleyes:

Oh the reason I can reply quickly sometimes to your posts, is not because I await your every word, sorry to disappoint. No I sit here in front of three PC screens for my sins. I monitor real time streaming numerical and economic data. And as there are plenty times actions by me are not required, I can visit the boards. That and my email program is set to check the mail every two minutes. So there you go, things to learn, advice to give,legs to pull..........it all pads the day out.

#130130 Master Cylinder

Posted by catch on 02 June 2011 - 07:21 PM

In view of your spat with Catch I'll refrain from any un-PC comments, just to point out that it's mpg not mph. :)

Very wise Mike,on reading the following

I came on her for advice not rudeness

I was tempted to say...........you cannot be serious......but I thought I better not, no sense of humour.

Good thing about having a sense of humour is unlike looks, it stays with you forever.....having said that vanity can keep some people amused for hours.......... :ph34r:

#130090 Master Cylinder

Posted by catch on 02 June 2011 - 03:17 PM

Gonna send me another long reply ;-)

No of course not, but to ignore your reply would indeed be rude of me.

Lets just say I don't normally suffer fools gladly, but I must admit I'm warming to you....strawberry blonde you say :P

edit: I said I'd ignore your posts seeking advice.....you see Zev what's worth knowing is always in the detail....maybe that's where you going wrong ...ignoring it.....what you'd call the long stuff that is!

Go on I'll let you have the last laugh, and promise not to reply :D

#130076 Master Cylinder

Posted by catch on 02 June 2011 - 01:49 PM

There you go again can't help yourself.

Jeez, I made a "bloke joke" which was obvious because it was accompanied by a "tongue in check" smiley.You accuse me of being rude, I then go on to explain it as just a joke, but no your still not happy and insist I'm still at it.

The Facts:

You open a thread entitled Master Cylinder, point being it was leaking fluid, but has since been repaired. But you apparently suspect it may be connected to your "perceived" low fuel consumption, that has only come to light since the Master Cylinder was repaired.

So it's really a thread on Poor Fuel Consumption!

Anyway you go on to support your conclusion your suffering poor fuel consumption by offering up two pieces of data 120/125 miles out of 18 liters of fuel. Followed by the observation you were getting 140+ out of 20 liters of fuel, before the Master Cylinder leak was fixed.

Now if I had said,

Things may have changed somewhat since I was at school, but I reckon the education system in the UK is still teaching basic divisional mathmatics in junior school. So if your unable to see you have not got a problem with poor consumption, your either incredibly stupid, or incredibly lazy and expect others to do the maths for you, which is it?...........Now that would have been rude.

But no I didn't say that, instead I just assumed you were struggling with the basic maths. So I took the time out to walk you through the process....................and thats the thanks I get, being told I'm rude.....I don't know why I bother sometimes :ph34r:

#130055 Master Cylinder

Posted by catch on 02 June 2011 - 10:11 AM

Ok fair enough catch I will do the math and the brim test. I came on her for advice not rudeness.

Well I gave you plenty of advice, and my blonde comment did have the tongue in cheek smiley attached.

I doubt you really want me to paint a clearer picture for you, so lets just leave it at that shall we? Oh and I'll ignore all your future posts for advice from now on in...

#130036 Master Cylinder

Posted by catch on 02 June 2011 - 07:50 AM

I was getting 140 + miles on 20 litres. It can be bit difficult working it out price per litre with prices up and down so I tend to work with the fuel gauge. But it has definitely dropped. I drive to and from work mon - fri which is only 8 miles a day. Use it abit more at weekends. So probably don't drive much than 60 miles a week on average. I rarely do any motorway driving So I can see easily how much I'm using. My car runs smooth enough doesn't appear to be any problems. So not really sure what it could be.

There is nothing difficult in regard to working out fuel consumption, as mjt pointed out "brim" the tank. Then do your weekly mileage, then again brim the tank. Only figures you need are the total miles covered between brims, and amount of fuel put in at the second brim. OK fuel is recorded in Liters, so divide by 4.546 to convert to gallons, then divide your mileage by the gallons.

140 miles using 20 liters:

20 liters / 4.546 = 4.399 gallons.....140 miles / 4.399 gallons = 31.825 mpg

So your not happy with 30.93 mpg miles [120 miles out of 18 liters], but your OK with 31.83 mpg out of 20 liters :rolleyes: are you blonde Zev :P

It's no good coming on a forum and saying I'm getting 140+ and I'm not happy .......maths is an exact science, not an estimate of a unknown figure represented by the symbol +

Zev, trust me you have a 1.6 petrol Focus and if it is indeed returning circa 31.5 mpg around town, you don't have a problem........you should be very happy

Do the brim test and get a definitive answer to you actual consumption, if your still in doubt.

#123082 2010 Focus 1.6Tdci Rusting!!

Posted by catch on 15 April 2011 - 09:00 PM

Yours and Lenny's are about the same size, mine being a 55 plate, build date October 2005, just shows you how the rust spreads if it is not remedied.

So just on our forum we have found the same fault in 05 build [start of the Mk2 model] in 07, 08, 09 and 2010 build vehicles....right up until the last Mk2.5 rolls off the production line

We now have conclusive proof that it is a design flaw or production line flaw that was designed into the original Mk2 Focus in 2005 and Ford have ignored it for five years, and the flaw will been in the very last Mk2.5 model that rolls of the production line.


#122795 2010 Focus 1.6Tdci Rusting!!

Posted by catch on 13 April 2011 - 10:12 PM

Hope the family issues get sorted soon mate.

And I hope you did not mind the tongue in check ribbing I give you. And thanks for the feed back, out of interest how big was the stone chip protection sheet they supplied to the spray shop? A photo of same in situ would be even better, or has it been blended into the body work and sprayed over to be nigh on invisible.

#122705 2010 Focus 1.6Tdci Rusting!!

Posted by catch on 13 April 2011 - 08:08 AM

Just so Daryll does not think I'm picking on him ;).............I see "top banana" did not come back with his feed back as promised :rolleyes:

In regard to my motor, when I did the fix, applying Kurust rust curing treatment. I did two coats of this within the hour, then three hours to let it cure, before applying undercoat filler [as per instructions ] Then left 24 hours [as per instructions] before applying colour coats. And a few days later I applied a couple of coats of lacquer.

During all these applications, I left the boot lid open for at least 4 hours [with the boot lamp removed] So the applications which would not have hardened, were not subjected to stress by the offending rubber pipe configuration. And when I did eventually close the boot lid and used the car, I temporarily fixed that rubber pad I had made with some black UPVC electrical tape applied to the upper edge of the pad [flap like]

In fact I've had a re think since my last post, and I've decided to re a fix it as above. That way whilst relieving the stress of that pipe on the paint work [as I think it's that raised leading edge of the grommet where it is welded to the length of pipe, that does the damage]

OK I accept that to some peeps it will sound like a lot of faffing about. But this way I will be able to lift the flap 14 months down the road and see if rust is breaking through from behind the fix. As it did last time I did a quick rushed fix. I'm just the kind of guy who wants conclusive proof as to what is happening. For instance, peeps catching it early might have better results than people like me who buy a motor four years old, and the rust has had all that time to eat it's way into the bulkhead.

Of course Lenny's way, using a fixing to pull the offending joint back from the paint finish will achieve the same results as my pad.