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Dash Cams, Catch The Idiots Thread

26 August 2014 - 10:26 PM

If you slow these videos down at the near point of contact you see how close they are. Bare in mind that braking for the idiots you see stops collisions happening.


Contact Jeebowhite for the details for "anonymouse video loading" to Youtube's Wall of Shame


Heres two short videos to kick this thread off.






Dash Cam Dangerous Driving Clips, Should You Be Able To Up Load Evidence To The Police

20 August 2014 - 11:22 AM

or does catching dangerous drivers only matter after the event when they have already killed or maimed fellow road users....and that includes pedestrians.


The question is:


Is it better to have Proactive Policing in regard to dangerous drivers, or Reactive "after the event" Policing.


This is not a dig at the Police on the front line, Policing stratergy is determined by Chief Constables.


You see people using the phone, texting, entering zebra crossing whilst pedestrians are in the middle of crossing, doing all manner of dangerous things, why do they take the risk?


Simple answer is, the chances of being caught are minimal. Now if the powers that be harnessed the collective evidence captured on dash cams every day .... just imagine


They reckon dash cams will be the must have motoring gadget of 2014, sales are up 28% on last year I believe.


Only been doing camera positioning test drives lasting no more than 15 minutes tops per test drive around town and on the local bypass.


Day 2 white van man pulled out of side road narrowly missing my front end, had plenty of time to see me. Was laughing  as he crossed my path giving me the V sign as he drew level with my drivers window. Van was already missing it's off side wing mirror cover....do you wonder.


Day 5 setting up the one camera I currently have on a home made bracket covering the rear view this time. Was nearly tail swipped by an obviously inexperianced young driver  as he made a hasty right turn onto a main road in the face of oncoming traffic. He was inches off hitting my offside rear which would have spun my front end into oncoming traffic. Which was an SUV who at the time was braking to avoid said idiot coming out of the side road immediately in front of him.


Incidently I would not have know how close I had come to being tail swiped and then spun into either a head on crash  or front passenger side impact with the oncoming SUV. The seat where my wife would normally have been sitting, if it was not for the fact I actually reviewed the video footage in regard to check camera position.


Yesterday early evening whilst doing a test run on a new front bracket [ for positing purposes] I saw two small hatch backs [obviously together] doing U TURNS on a Pelican Crossing  [lights were on green] but to actually do U TURNS!


I dont think I caught that incident because I was further back up the road positioned to do a right turn at a Y junction. Oh hang on I actually had to wait to do the turn as those two idiots came back up the road and made a left turn into the road I was waiting to enter. That said I wont have caught the U Turns on my camera.


As the White van man cut across me I did not have a clear video view of his registration, now if I had had my rear view camera in place I would have had an excellent view of his reg.


Now a "cough" freind of mine went on line and came back with a Rover  25, or possibly a Nissan Micra S or a Merc C class, funny that as it was a small white Pug I reckon, with a roof rack.


Comments welcome.

Tailgaters! What Can Be Legally Used To Dissuade The Morons ? Discuss

03 August 2014 - 07:57 PM

As the title suggests, tailgaters really wind me up, anybody else hate them with a vengeance like me?

Does anybody fancy designing  an illuminated sign actuated by an ultrasonic type sensor [as used in rear parking aids]


Works a bit like this, it sensors the car is not in a reverse gear yet picks up an incoming TGT [short for Tailgating ...........] is right up your rear. It then triggers the rear screen message ..............


GET BACK YOU TAILGATING TWerp........................

Headlamp Wiring Harness Plug...i'm Stumped!

09 April 2014 - 10:44 AM

Jeez I've had them out before, but I'm totally stumped.


I know I've got to put a flat blade screwdriver some where, do something with it to enable the wiring harness plug to unlock from the headlamp socket. But I'm beggered if I can do it. Mind you I'm working blind as the wiring harness is not letting me see the plug arrangement face on.


Anybody got some "precise" instructions.............I've alreadty tried the stick a srewdriver in it and push it up.....it's the "it" bit that is causing me problems in that I don't know what "it" is :rolleyes:


Never mind, I sorted it out :D I'll do a guide on it sometime .....in case I forget again.......I obviously just needed a sit down in front of the computer :)

5Lt Semi Synthetic Oil + A Free Oil Filter 13.99

06 April 2014 - 01:07 AM

Hi Playmates,


just giving the heads up on a good oil and filter deal on at Euro Parts at the mo


Just had mine serviced last week, but at this price, I've ordered this deal for my next years service. :)




Buy the oil, go pick an oil filter of your choice  [does'nt matter they are all free] at check out pop in the "spring30" promo code, choose the free delivery option and it will be delivered to your door for the princely sum of £13.99.


Fill your wellies and or your sump :D