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Brake Vibration

15 June 2011 - 05:43 PM

ok guys dont do alot of mileage, certainly motorway mileage. i have a mkiii 2.0 tdci on 54 plate and have always had slight vibration on braking from the front as i can feel it thru the steering wheel. every mot including today advises this but passes it because it passes on the brake tester.i am on my second set of tsw discs and pads!

previously it has been mentioned that it could be the hub is buckled, but ive never heard of this. if i jack the wheel off the ground i can feel the run off on the disc if i turn the wheel by hand. i am thinking of marking the hub in the centre of the disc and turning the disc a couple of studs on the hub then putting the calliper back on. then i can jack the front up and see if the run off point has moved or if it is in the same place. this would then confirm whether or not the disc or the hub is at fault

any thoughts as i think i need to try and diagnose this problem before risking another otherwise perfectly good discs and pads,


02 June 2011 - 09:25 PM

this one new on me ,
usually in first and second gear on quite pacey acceleration i get a whistle start about 1500 rpm which then dissappears about 2000 rpm. if i ease of the throttle before it stops then the whistle changes tone as i go down to wards 1000 revs before going away.

i thought of a pin hole leak in the intercooler pipe as i have a 54 plate 2.0 tdci and found it to be a bit grubby so i put o new one on tonite.
the whistle is still there only o little better. just thought the turbo may not be running at 1500 rpm as my foot isnt on the floor.

wondering what it could be.any ideas or does it seem ok as i usually drive with the windows up and when i do i cant hear it!

Abs Light

21 March 2011 - 10:00 AM

i have a mkiii 2.0 115 tdci
only when on cold start
i turn on the ignition and wait for the warning lights to all go out
then when i turn the engine over, the ABS light comes on briefly until the engine fires

does anyone know if anything is wrong?
no other wqarning lights behave in this way
is the battery low, causing the abs to do a recheck?

Handbrake Cable

10 February 2011 - 09:22 PM

after lengthy investigation as to why the rear n/s calliper handbrake lever will not return, i have found that the rear n/s handbrake cable is sticking to prevent it quite returning. on closer inspection i can see that where the cable comes out of the outer just before the nipple that goes on the calliper, the teflon type coating is damaged and quite rough! i dont think i can get round this. been looking on the net and have found quite cheap ones, but the illustration doesnt look like mine, so having trouble trusting the part will be right. can anyone recommend a supplier that is reasonable?

238.44 + Vat For A Wheel Nut!! What The..........

17 January 2011 - 05:22 PM

apparently ford now only supply hub, wheel studs and bearing together for 238.44 +vat! so if u need a stud that probably would have cost about 3 it now costs nearly 100 times that amount for the bit u need and some bits u dont!

does anyone know where i could get a wheel stud for a mkiii nondeo lx (54 plate)?
please help!