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Fiesta Zetec Blue 2008 Speakers

27 May 2008 - 11:05 PM

My girlfriend recently purchased an 08 plate Fiesta Zetec Blue 1.4 petrol, and this was fitted with the Sony single CD system as standard. Having driven the car, and listened to the stereo system fitted as standard, it sounds great, deep base (for a stereo of its size) and sounds the business.

I have also recently purchased a Fiesta Zetec Climate 1.6TDCi, again an 08 plate. This was however fitted with the bog standard factory fitted Ford 6000CD stereo. In comparison, the stereo sounded pretty naff, so, looking to get the same sound quality as my girlfriends car I purchased the exact same time of Sony system, but instead the 6 CD changer version. I am aware that the output is listed as being 4 x 50W.

I installed the stereo myself, just simply changing the header. No wiring was needed, it was an exact swap and luckily the bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX jack and steering controls all worked fine. Having since listened to the stereo, although it IS as improvement in quality over the bog standard stereo, it still does not sound as good and basey like the Sony fitted as standard n my girlfriends car.

Thinking that both cars may have different speakers fitted, I contacted a Ford dealer, who after some head scratching, told me that the Zetec Blue is infact fitted with "higher quality" speakers than the Zetec Climate. Since this, they are unable to tell me the size of both sets of speakers, or the wattage output rating of both sets of speakers

Does anybody know this information? I need to know...

** What is the wattage output of the speakers fitted to my Zetec Climate 08 plate with the ford CD6000
** What is the wattage output of the speakers fitted to the Zetec Climate Blue with the Sony fitted as standard
** If they are different, where can I get the same speakers? Apparantly, Ford cannot sell them.....
** Can I buy my own speakers from say Halfords etc, and get somebody to install them? Halfords wont by the way. I would need to know the wattage and speaker size for this
** Now, thick question, but with the Sony being a 4 x 50W output, would I need speakers matching 50W, or higher? Any recommendations.

One thing I will stress is that I do not want to make noticable modifications to the car, literally just swapping the speakers hopefully?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A very frustrated Fiesta owner!